Thursday, January 17, 2008

Idle Chit Chat AO Edition Day 4

by Savannah

Who knew? I mean I always assumed it was Serena Williams who walked around with a small jar of vaseline in her purse just in case she had to throw down at a moments notice. Venus was always the serene one in the public's eye. Guess we kind of forgot that Ms Venus Ebony Starr Williams is a Gemini.

There was blood spilled on the court but it wasn't from Venus wiping up the court with the chair umpire in her doubles match. Note to chair umpires: If everyone and their mother saw the ball was out, including you, and you still call it in what the hell is wrong with you? Over rule or take what this guy is offering.

I'm sure Nikolay will play his next match.

I told you I hate this dress. Here's Exhibit A as to why. And what's with that hem? That would drive me nuts.

Well Tatiana Golovin's main rival arrived on court today. I must say she disappointed me. I mean she is introducing us to her friends - again - but this is so blase for Ms Mattek. Come on Bethany! Trot out that leopard skin. I wonder if there would be any empty seats if Bethany played Tamira Paszek?

I haven't seen much tennis today or had a chance to find out what's got tennisheads collective bowels in an uproar. I mean tennis is my passion but in order to enjoy it I have to spend a lot of time at the place they pay me to be. I hope you enjoy the pictures and slight snark for Day 4.

That said here are some of the best pictures from today.

Vinnay Spadea
Glad to see he got a clothing contract.

Li Na handled her business.

So did Semi Fit David Nalbandian

James Blake gave his fans a treat

Justine Henin was really into her match no?

Pictures of the Day

Venus in a more serene moment

Marat playing harder than he has in a long time. I'd like to see more like this.

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Karen said...

AnaI has lost a lot of weight. Dont think I have ever seen her this fit and trim looking. Nice to see that she is working on all aspects of her game, including her fitness. Like you Savannah, I hate the dress. That must be really uncomfortable to play in seeing as how it would keep riding up when you are moving. The pumpkin hem is back but not looking good at tennis.