Monday, May 28, 2007

Idle Chit Chat – Roland Garros Version

It was known for some time that the weather for this week at Roland Garros was going to be, shall we say iffy? Naw. They knew it was going to suck and that getting early rounds in was going to be a problem. There was some tennis yesterday of course. Those who rely on television and/or live feeds via the internet know that Serena played Pironkova in a match that spanned, oh, eight hours with a six and a half hour rain delay thrown in for shits and giggles. Marat Safin got his hitting practice in with an easy straight set win over his opponent. Justine Henin won over a scrappy Elena Vesnina.

But Janko Tipsarevic also won his match over fellow Serb Dusan Vemic and Ivo Minar lost to Potito Starace. That news may come as a surprise to some since when you log onto the Roland Garros Official site you see the scores for Serena, Justine and Marat. Yes we know they’re stars but on a day when tennisheads were suffering withdrawal symptoms it would have been nice to actually see what Potito Starace not only looks like but how he plays. The Serbians are threatening to become a power in tennis due to it’s up and coming stars like Jelena Jankovic and it would’ve been nice to see that men’s match as well since from the score it seems to have been entertaining.
But what do I know? I’m just a tennis fan.

Oh, and about retractable roofs? Allo Paris? We know your famed terre battue drains well and that players can play in a light drizzle far longer without risk of major injury. This is not the case with grass or concrete, we know that and you are right to be proud of your surface, but if today is a wash out I think it’s time to think about covering Chatrier and Lenglen non?
Aussi, is something going to be done about the mens matches? No one can play best of five twice a day. With the weather report looking grim it might be a good idea to schedule some matches indoors non? I know, I’m a lousy American and don’t understand everything that goes into this most Gallic of Slams but I am a tennis fan and of course have an opinion. And while I’m on this mini rant have you ever thought of installing, oh I don’t know, LIGHTS? They actually play tennis after dark in some places you know. Just a thought.

So what is a tennishead to do? There’s always gossip. I bet you didn’t know Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova are now divorced. Yep. Splitsville. Didn’t know they were married? What planet have you been on? I think when a man goes public about his privates it puts pressure on his wife. Women love nothing more than a good snark. Come on girls, you know if you found out your girl’s man was, well, in need of specially made condoms and not in a large way you’d have a field day behind her back. Admit it. Poor Anna. Two marriages and she’s not thirty yet. She did marry that hockey dude right?

Fansites are great sources of entertainment as well. Seriously. For some good laughs head over
HERE and read the Locker Room Confrontations Roland Garros edition. Some of them are laugh out loud funny. Let’s just say with MV busy coaching Miss Serena and Queen Masha and their servants will keep you entertained.
Don't believe MV is coaching? Okay so she's holding the balls here. She is on court. She does look official. Okay so she's just holding his balls. The balls he's going to hit with silly. This can be read by children of all ages. The sun is out so you know this had to be last week.

There are also the karaoke bits players have recorded. Rafa was caught trying to sing La Bamba. Why they’d have a Catalonian singing an old Mexican song is beyond me but whatever. Novak Djokovic weighed in with “I Will Survive”. Svetlana Kuznetsova did her version of this classic last year. Novak’s version was cut off rather abruptly which makes you wonder what he got up to after his shirt came off. There are rumors that Roger has one ready to debut but I wonder if that will ever see the light of day. We do see Roger during Rafa’s gig but in a non singing role.

Rafa's Vid


Best of 2006

Jessie181 and aedra1119 over at TAT have provided lists of FREE internet live feeds. Thanks guys!

That’s it for today. Let’s hope the next time I’m writing more about tennis. Meanwhile I’m waiting to find out what Queen Masha and Miss Serena are up to.

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