Friday, May 11, 2007

Another Upset For Roger Federer

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“Before he played, I saw on television so many players who went out with a bad face. I detested that.... I said to him from the time he was very young ‘Rafael, you must play always with a good face. It is impossible to learn with a bad face.’ I say to my own kids, long faces are not for us, there are people in Africa who have big problems. We don’t have problems, or if we do, they are only little ones.... I say to Rafael sometimes when he misses a shot and has a long face – ‘You are not too good yet, you must still learn, the ball has gone out, it is only one thing.’”

- Toni Nadal

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mmmm8 said...

Dear Sr. T. Nadal.

Are you available for outside coaching sessions? Do you have good command Swiss French, Swiss German, English, Afrikaans, or Slovak?

I just really admire your sun-tanned... I mean... attitude and perhaps you can provide something that a certain Uncle Tony with a "y" can't. Sometimes, I just think Tony with a 'y' is more into FederBear than the real thing.

So with the Boy on cruise control, won't you help us? Just a few coaching session. Please?

Afterwards, perhaps you can give me that famous present of yours in a quite alley behind the hotel.

Your long time admirer,