Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ATP vs Hamburg Trial Resolution

posted by Savannah

Statement by the ATP


London, UK. The ATP is pleased to announce that a jury today unanimously dismissed the claims filed in Delaware Federal Court by plaintiffs Deutscher Tennis Bund, Rothenbaum Sport GMBH and Qatar Tennis Federation. The jury found unanimously for the ATP, dismissing the one outstanding Anti Trust claim against the ATP Tour, Inc.

The jury’s decision followed Judge Sleet’s decision on Monday to dismiss all four claims filed by the plaintiffs against six ATP Board Directors and three of the four claims against ATP Tour, Inc.

Etienne de Villiers, ATP Executive Chairman, commented:

"We are delighted by today’s unanimous jury decision in favour of the ATP. Both the jury and Judge Sleet have recognised and upheld our fundamental right to set and make changes to the ATP Tour calendar, changes that are necessary if we are to unlock the full potential of our sport. Their decision also supports ATP’s position that this process of change was undertaken in a transparent, vigorous and good faith manner.”

“These are exciting times for men’s professional tennis with the ATP set to unveil the largest set of changes to the Tour since its inception in 1990.The 2009 ATP World Tour will deliver record prize money to players, provide unprecedented amounts of investment into new and existing stadia, vastly increase the promotion of the sport, and see increased support from existing and new sponsors. Finally we will have the world class Tour our players, tournaments and fans deserve”

The ATP has reserved a 500 level tournament position on the 2009 ATP World Tour calendar in week 30 (week commencing 20 July 2009) for Hamburg should they wish it.


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Helen W said...

Wow! Thanks for the postings Savannah. I have been reading them as you posted them, but found it hard to comment.

However, when I learned that the Hamburg tournament was significantly misrepresenting their gate, I lost any sympathy I had for their position.

It is sad that the ATP has had to spend $7M to defend themselves. I wonder if there is any way that they can recoup that money?