Friday, September 5, 2008

US Open The Ladies Finalists

by Savannah


Helen W said...

How are you holding out Savannah? I own I'm a wreck. I'm trying to psych myself up to feel that the rain delay is good for Rafa, but I'm having a hard time convincing myself. Yes, he could benefit from discussing his play with Tio Toni. But, OTOH, he was finally up a break, so perhaps the momentum had changed, and I believe Andy will benefit more than Rafa will from the break, as I think Rafa's fitness is superior.

In the meantime, because the Powers That Be decided that Roger's semifinal was played first, he is able to relax while Rafa & Andy are toughing it out. Was it Craig who pointed out that Roger is the luckiest tennis player on the planet?

Is it only me, or do others wonder why a player who wears a cap with his own monogram on it is not found arrogant? Do you know of any other player who wears his own monogram? Would you wear yours?

Helen W said...

Savannah, please forget my last comment. I'm just feeling very blue with all that's happened in the mens' semis. Instead of venting I did some much-needed housework and now I will try to recall my infinite faith in Rafa. It just gets to me sometimes when it seems like so many times he gets the short end.

Hope you are enjoying it all.