Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's On

by Savannah

There was no dead rubber in cloudy, chilly Buenos Aires. Team Argentina needed five rubbers to defeat Team Russia and clinch a berth in the Final which will be held in December. Argentina will play host to Spain, winners over defending Davis Cup champions the United States. Details will follow but as usual tennisheads are speculating over what could be the deciding factor - the surface the tie will be played on. Team Argentina's Captain Mancini has apparently indicated the preferred surface will be indoor carpet, the surface favored by David Nalbandian. Juan Martin del Potro, the rising star of Argentine tennis, will have to prove how well he can play on the stuff during the European Indoor Season.

The site of the tie is also up in the air since David Nalbandian would prefer to have it in his native Cordoba. The size of the stadium there does not meet ITF requirements but there is always the chance Nalbandian will have his way.

Regardless of where it is held anyone who had a chance to watch any of the matches from BsAs saw what a savvy, rowdy crowd can do to players during a match. There is still lingering tension among Argentine's over the incident between Rafael Nadal and Gaston Gaudio where Rafa allegedly used an anti South American Spanish slur against Gaudio. Keep in mind this supposedly happened three years ago and the tape of the incident doesn't prove it was Rafa who said it. I heard it and listened. It's inconclusive. I'm sure the Argentine press will be reminding tennis fans of the incident. And believe me they don't need an excuse to get on someone's case. Ask Nikolay Davydenko.

Just as the official Davis Cup site says, more soon.

Addendum: From the Official Davis Cup Site

The final Argentina at home to Spain over the weekend of 21-23 November. It will be another few days before the venue is confirmed, but it is likely to be in Buenos Aires, and the front-runner is the 14,000-seater Parque Roca that has hosted all Argentina’s home ties since the start of 2006. The only logistical issue is that the home nation will probably want to choose a moderately quick hard court to face Nadal and co – having waited so long for a first home final, Argentina will not want to welcome the world’s greatest claycourter on his favourite surface.


fifipeanut said...


Rafa is actually pretty good friends with a number of Argie players- including Monaco, Nalbandian and del Potro. He has also been on the Argie show tenispro several times hanging out with other Argentine players- including Zabaleta and Chela. So I don't think there is this huge tension between the Argies and Rafa as you imply- in fact- he seems to have a good relationship with most players from that country.

fifipeanut said...
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John said...

A very happy day for me as Argentina will play in the final. Spain will be a tough opposition but there is other aspect of our game that we can use against them.

Del Potro has been the newest sensantion in World Tennis. It will be interesting clash when he takes on Nadal.

He proved himself against the best such as Davydenko or even Roddick. Can't wait for the final.

Anyway, what is your opinion about the Arganrina/Russia game?

Savannah said...

Hi fifi and welcome! I've been reading a lot about Rafa's friendships with the Argentine players. I believe they're all in Playstation league together.

But I've also seen the "sudaca" incident brought up on fanboards recently so I thought I'd mention it since it could be a subtext in the match especially among fans. I've seen some of the stuff Rafa has done especially with Zabaleta and enjoyed it.

John, also welcome. What did I think about Russia/Argentina?

David Nalbandian is their big Davis Cup player. I saw him play a marathon match earlier this year, out of shape and all. The Argentines also had Del Potro. He was left off of their Olympic team and that was when he went on his tear. I didn't think Nalby would be able to play a long match after playing doubles the day before and all Davy had to do was wait him out.

It was obvious from the start of the fifth rubber that Andreev wanted no part of JMDP. I thought they would play Kunitsyn but Andreev was the fresher I suppose. JMDP is their strength going into the Final IMHO.