Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Winner

by Savannah

So the badass goes ass up and takes a straight set beating from Roger Federer. Robin Soderling played like a man possessed against all of his previous opponents and yet today he could barely assemble a game let alone a plan. The fact that he got the second set to a tiebreak is the only thing he can look back on with any sense of pride.

Of course Roger's fans are ecstatic and will use this win as proof of his being one of tennis greatest ever players and they have every right to be happy. It does give one pause though when the only player in the men's semi's to have ever beaten Federer was not across the net for the Final. Federer's record against the other three semi finalists was 38-1.

Congratulations on your win Roger.

Junior Champions

Daniel Berta Boys 2009 French Open Champion

Kristina Mladenovic Girls 2009 French Open Champion

Elena Bogdan and Noppawan Lertcheewakarn Girls 2009 French Open Champions

Marin Draganja and Dino Marcan Boys 2009 French Open Doubles Champions

Idle Chit Chat

Why was this man widely reported to have been a disgruntled Spanish tennis fan by people who were watching? How was this man allowed to get on court in view of what happened to Monica Seles? Why ask why? If this could happen during a Final at Roland Garros what can happen at other venues?

That flag in his hand was also reported by observers to be a Spanish flag.


kraa said...

Actually the guy is Spanish or Catalan to be more precise. Might not be a tennis fan, though.

Big boo to security. This particular man turned out to be non violent, but some other time...

vw said...

It's a dark day for me not being a fed fan. He won fair and square though to the number 23 seed in the absence of Nadal.

Helen W said...

Well, except for visiting my favourite board (here), I will be taking a short sabbatical from tennis blogs & websites. I simply do not want to gird my loins to deal with the gloating and crowing that will ensue from The Worshipful rearing up on their little hind legs and shouting from the rooftops in their piping little voices. Together with the fawning media, the whole experience is, for me, insupportable.

I am distraught over Rafa's knee problems, and I also do not want to read all the "I told you so"s from said Worshipful and said tennis media.


Helen W said...

Oh, and will The Monogram get even larger and be displayed in even more clothing?

Savannah said...

Don't take a complete sabbatical HelenW. You'd be surprised at how many are questioning why the badass turned into a milquetoast.

Savannah said...

BTW the last two GS wins achieved by the Monogram were over first time Slam finalists.

Helen W said...

Well Savannah, you have a much stouter heart than I, if you can cruise the boards, so I will count on your telling me when it's safe to return :)

Charles Bricker (sports writer for the Florida Sun-Sentinel) coined the sobriquet Mr. Monogram for Federer, as he too is repelled by what he calls his ostentatious monogram.

I really did not, in my heart of hearts, believe that Soderling could pull it off -- emotionally/mentally it was a huge ask. At least after the first set he managed to pick up his game a bit.

Savannah said...

Bricker is one of my faves.

I know not to go anywhere near certain sites especially those that call Mr. M mighty. I am noticing that other fandoms have pretty much left the field to the Worshipful and it's kinda pissing them off.
There's a lot of baiting going on but so far only Fed fans are posting what they think other fandoms would say.

There is no excuse for Soderling who was touted by Wilander for being a "don't give a shit" kind of guy and putting in the performance he did today. He performed no better than any of the other stiffs in the bottom half of the draw.

When you beat the best you have to beat the rest. Sveta did just that.

Savannah said...
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Helen W said...

Like you, I was delighted that Sveta won. She is such a likeable person -- always a prerequisite for me to become a fan. And it was good to see the way that she won -- by being strong enough to overcome her history. She really grew with that win, and hopefully will take those positives with her going forward.

vw said...

You'd be surprised at how many are questioning why the badass turned into a milquetoast.

I posted that other thing regarding soderling's disdain for tennis punks. Maybe he doesn't consider Fed one? Who knows, maybe Fed paid him off. Ugh. I just am trying to tell myself--absence of Nadal, absence of Nadal.

kraa said...

Soderling lost to a vastly superior player (today and in general) so I don't see what this gnashing of teeth from Rafa fans is all about...

Roger deserved to win RG one year as much as anyone ever deserves anything.

Helen W said...

Ah, Roger is entitled. He deserves to win RG.

Well, he sure had a triumphant run, didn't he, with all these gifts:

1. Cupcake draw;
2. Major choke from Acasuso;
3. Kohlschreiber takes out most threatening player (Djokovic) on his side of the draw;
4. Soderling takes out most threatening player (Nadal);
5. Major choke from Haas.

I trust he will send out thank-you notes, on crisp little monogrammed notepaper, to all his helpers.

kraa, you come to a blog that is known to be a haven for Rafa fans, and wonder why Rafa fans feel some pain over this? Oh well. Duh.

BooksHere said...

I have to say that I don't think winning is about deserving anything. Why is Raja so deserving, when last year he all but gave up in the last 2 sets? What makes him so deserving? Djokovic played a better tourney than The Monogram (so vulgar, don't you think - no Brit or Spaniard would be caught dead with one of those) in 08, only he was on the wrong side of the draw. Soderling certainly thought Raja was deserving, though, didn't he? A little too cutesy for me that whole ceremony and John McEnroe's subsequent interview for my taste, but of course, I come from a different era -- been watching tennis since Rosewall and Laver made magic. And acted like "work well done" not I am the greatest of all time, like our friend the gram does.

Helen W said...

More bad news for Rafa fans: tangerine reported that there are posts on saying that Rafa's parents are splitting up and getting a divorce. How I hope this isn't true!

Helen W said...

From Tennis Week:

"It is absolutely amazing," Federer said. "It's the most satisfying victory of my life. It's like my first Wimbledon. This one there was so much pressure involved. For so many years I've been trying so hard to get this title. Obviously it feels nice (to be called the greatest player) I've always been very proud already to be called one of the greatest. It's great to be up there. Now the question is am I the greatest of all time? We don't know. Now, I've finally won all four Grand Slams and reached Pete's 14 Grand Slams. I'm happy to be there with him."

This person finds ever more ways to nauseate.

sG said...

Helen W writes: "simply do not want to gird my loins to deal with the gloating and crowing that will ensue..."

LOL, that best sums up my departure from all t-blogs save Craig's, Savannah's and Nadal News!

I'm trying not to be distraught by Rafa's knee. I figure he's doing the best he can for it. Hopefully we'll get good news, those of us who are fans of the guy.

Ed Duggan said...

Roger's skills under-appreciated on this blog. French Open Final not a collapse by Soderling. Tennis match primarily about protecting your weaknesses/blunting opponents' weapons, and exploiting their weaknesses. This dynamic plays out primarily on 2nd serve points and/or critical moments. Not a coincidence that opponents often look subpar against Federer (or that Federer often looks subpar against Nadal). Does not mean players' levels actually drop. Along this line, Federer's H2H against the other semi-finalists is a testament to his skills and tactics, not an indictment on the quality of his victories.
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