Friday, June 19, 2009

The Right Choice

by Savannah

Rafael Nadal did the right thing and withdrew from Wimbledon. He tried to play on his sore knees but couldn't stop thinking about how to avoid pain instead of what his next shot should be. After yesterday's exhibition loss to Lleyton Hewitt Toni Nadal said point blank that his nephew should be on his way home, that the defending champion could not bend.
There was little doubt in this fan's mind that Rafa would not play this tournament.

I'm sure no one is more frustrated about this than the defending Wimbledon Champion. Somehow he'll have to make peace with his decision and realize this is for the best.


Helen W said...

Yes Savannah there is no question in my mind that he made the right choice. Although, like you, my heart is breaking.

I hope that now that he has decided to miss the tournament that means the most to him, he will make sure he is good and ready before he returns to the tour. He's still very young and has a great future ahead of him.

Vamos Rafa! Rest & heal. Your loving fans will be with you through it all.

oddman said...

Can't add anything different or better, Helen W.

Vamos, young Rafa! Get some big fishes. Find yourself a great boat and take off into that beautiful Mediterranean Sea... sigh.