Sunday, June 7, 2009

From The Horse's Mouth

by Savannah

Roger Federer is quoted saying the following in a BBC Article

French Open champion Roger Federer said he was always confident of eventually winning at Roland Garros - provided Rafael Nadal failed to reach the final.

Federer, who lost the last three finals to Nadal, completed the career Grand Slam on his 11th appearance in Paris with victory over Robin Soderling.

"I knew that the day Rafa wasn't in the final I would be there and I would win," said world number two Federer.

"That's exactly what happened. I didn't hope for it but I believed in it."

Note: Roger is being hugged by his mother in the above picture. Mirka is in the red top to his left. Roger's dad is being framed by the door. Note the others in the room.


vw said...

Effectively an admission that beating Rafa himself at RG was a hopeless task.

Soderling I could KILL you.

oddman said...

I read this comment on a blog somewhere. I think it was

'All Federer has proven is this: that's he's the greatest player of all time -- as long as Nadal isn't around.'

Food for thought.