Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Joseph Jackson August 29,1958-June 25,2009

Musical genius. Business man extraordinaire. The King of Pop. World Wide Superstar. May you Rest in Peace.


Karen said...

As I posted over at Craig, this is really a dark day for me. I remember as a child growing up in Jamaica watching Charlie's Angels every Friday night. I remember wearing my hair in the Farrah Flash It hairdo (even though we were black and nappy headed). Straightening irons done on the kerosene oil stove was the way to go and we set our hair with sponge setters and greased our hair with pomade, then we flashed our hair like Farrah Fawcett. We wore the little shorts and we played cops and robbers and of course everybody wanted to be Farrah. Michael Jackson, what can I say. I have my digitized version of Thriller playing. I miss Jamaica because my album is still there, with the scratches and Thriller was meant to be played on a turntable with the volume up. I hope and pray that Farrah and Michael have found resting peace. I will miss them, especially Michael, because he has suffered so much, and I am not sure that he ever figured out what it was that he wanted from life. I dont think he ever got a chance to be a child and I am sure that he regretted that for most of his life. I am glad that he took the decision to have children and to raise them away from the public eye. I hope whomever gets custody and care of those children continue to raise them out of the spotlight as that seemed to be Michael's wish.

Helen W said...

Karen I am so touched by your tribute. I'm stunned. The words "Hold me, like the River Jordan" keep playing in my head -- I love that one so much.

I join with you in hoping that the children continue to be raised the way he wanted.

Peace, mercy, love.