Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's Serena!

by Savannah

In a dominating display of tennis not seen since she blew Maria Sharapova off the court two years ago Serena Williams refused to allow Dinara Safina into their match destroying the Russian 6-0, 6-3 in fifty nine minutes. Dinara had no answers to Serena's game and the match was essentially over in the first set when Serena returned a 100mph Safina serve at practically the same speed.

The win is Serena's fourth in Australia, her tenth Grand Slam win, and returns her to the number one ranking.

Is she the greatest of the current era? Let the debate begin.


cy said...

My God, that Safina is crap. They were using adjectives to describe the whipping she was taking...horrible, embarrassing,...!
JJ played Serena better at USO at least making it a match having set points.
59 minutes today. Huge humiliation. She deserved to lose. Waste of time.

Savannah said...

Hi cy!

I have seen Safina play very well but Serena was not going to be denied. Safina did not play well in any of her warm-ups or in the AO to be honest with you. IMO she was feeling the pressure of the #1 ranking and winning her first Slam.

Tennis players have long memories and Serena remembered that beating she took from Safina at the FO. ESPN even showed some of it.