Sunday, February 1, 2009


by Savannah


Beth said...

What a blast this match was! I am so proud of Rafa!

tristann said...

HE DID IT!!!!!!!

love40 said...

Never, ever under estimate the HEART and SOUL of a Champion!

VAMOS RAFA!!!!!!!!!!

persona non grata. said...

Rafa Nadal: 4 time RG Champion, 2008 Wimbledon Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, World #1 and today, Australian Open Champion.

This is another great start to the year!


craig said...

I do not feel sorry for Roger and Karma caught up with him, finally. "I can take Murray in 5 sets anytime, grinders, one dimentional players, Djokovic is no good," yadda yadda.
Him with all his advantages,
Him with his cupcake draw,
Him with his pigeon getting the open roof
Him with his extra day rest and being number 2.

Yes, Roger Karma is a bitch.