Sunday, February 1, 2009

Breaking News

by Savannah

Leo Schlink reports the following.

TENNIS Australia will throw Bernard Tomic to the wolves even if the star junior is given a life ban from the Pro Tour circuit for walking off court in Perth in December.

Tennis Australia's director of player development Craig Tiley last night declared Tomic would not receive any support from officials if the ITF bars the 16-year-old prodigy from the Pro Tour.

Such a ban would not prevent Tomic contesting ATP or grand slam events, but eviction from the Pro Tour's Challenger and Futures events would block the Queenslander's bid to improve his ranking.

TA's hardline stance comes amid revelations an official at the Sorrento futures event filed a police complaint against a player's parent.


pat said...

why? i don't get this, how can he compite but not gain points.-
anyway, what did this kid do?

Savannah said...

This happened in December. Tomic Sr didn't like the fact that his kid was getting his ass kicked and said the other player was making foot faults that weren't being called. As a result he told Bernard to walk off the court.

In this I feel sorry for the kid since he was put in the position of choosing the rules of his sport over his father.

Roy said...

Another psycho father on the scene. Dokic had to deal with it too and countless others.

Savannah said...

I don't know if Tomic can, under the laws governing minors in Australia, do anything about his nutjob of a father. We see what Dokic has had to go through.

Damir Dokic is in Serbia. As of now both Tomic's are in Australia. We'll have to wait and see what TA does.

cate said...

Wait... lifetime ban?

Helen W said...

That's really wrong -- why should the son be punished for life for the sins of the father? Surely there are other remedies.