Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tennis Talk

by Savannah

Thanks to "LaBamba" over on menstennisforums for putting together this handy little cheat sheet of the schedules for the top 30 men. Andy Murray has pulled out of Marseilles already.

\_/Rotterdam\_/Dubai-Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/\_/\_/Dubai-Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/\_/Marseille-Dubai-Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/Rotterdam-Marseille-Dubai-Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/Rotterdam\_/Dubai-Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
Del Potro
\_/San Jose-Memphis\_/Davis Cup?-Indian Wells-Miami
Johannesburg-Rotterdam-Marseille\_/Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/Rotterdam-Marseille-Dubai-Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/San Jose-Memphis-Dubai-Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/San Jose-Memphis\_/Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami

\_/\_/Buenos Aires-Acapulco-Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
Johannesburg-Rotterdam\_/Dubai-Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/Rotterdam-Marseille-Acapulco-Davis Cup?-Indian Wells-Miami
Vina del Mar\_/Memphis\_/Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/\_/\_/Dubai-Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/\_/\_/\_/Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/Rotterdam-Memphis\_/Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/Costa do Sauipe-Buenos Aires-Acapulco-Davis Cup?-Indian Wells-Miami
Zagreb-Rotterdam-Memphis-Dubai-Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
Zagreb\_/\_/Dubai-Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami

\_/Rotterdam-Marseille\_/Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
Vina del Mar-Costa do Sauipe-Buenos Aires-Acapulco-Davis Cup?-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/San Jose-Memphis\_/Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/San Jose-Memphis-Delray Beach-Davis Cup?-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/Rotterdam-Marseille-Dubai-Davis Cup?-Indian Wells-Miami
Zagreb-Rotterdam\_/Dubai-Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/\_/Marseille\_/Davis Cup?-Indian Wells-Miami
\_/Rotterdam-Marseille-Dubai-Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami
Zagreb-Rotterdam-Marseille-Dubai-Davis Cup?-Indian Wells-Miami
Zagreb-Rotterdam-Marseille\_/Davis Cup-Indian Wells-Miami

\_/ = week not playing

Kind of lays out the difficulty of the schedule doesn't it?

Rafael Nadal gets treatment on his right knee

The United Arab Emirates has refused to issue a visa to Israeli player Shahar Pe'er that would allow her to play Dubai. Here is Larry Scott's official statement.
Statement from Larry Scott, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer - Sony Ericsson WTA Tour

Regarding: United Arab Emirates decision to deny a Visa to Israeli Tour Professional Shahar Peer to play in the Dubai Tennis Championships

We are deeply disappointed by the decision of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) denying Shahar Peer a Visa that would permit her to enter the country to play in the Dubai Tennis Championships. Ms. Peer has earned the right to play in the tournament and it is regrettable that the UAE is denying her this right.

Following various consultations, the Tour has decided to allow the tournament to continue to be played this week, pending further review by the Tour’s Board of Directors. Ms. Peer and her family are obviously extremely upset and disappointed by the decision of the UAE and its impact on her personally and professionally, and the Tour is reviewing appropriate remedies for Ms. Peer and also will review appropriate future actions with regard to the future of the Dubai tournament. The Sony Ericsson WTA Tour believes very strongly, and has a clear rule and policy, that no host country should deny a player the right to compete at a tournament for which she has qualified by ranking.

Uh huh, right on Mr. Scott. It's not that this was unexpected but it's kinda hard to bite the hand that feeds you isn't it Larry? I'm sure you've heart the expression he who plays the piper calls the tune.

Congratulations to Nenad Zimonjic and Daniel Nestor Rotterdam 2009 Doubles Champions

Amelie Mauresmo won the Paris Indoors over Elena Dementieva. With both mothers watching from the stands both women played well but it was Amelie who held it together longer. She'd better buy her new coach Hugo Lecoq whatever his little heart desires. He brought her into the season both physically and mentally fit. Let's see what happens come Roland Garros time. At 29 this may be Amelie's last realistic chance to win the title that has eluded her all these years.

Radek Stepanek won the SAP Open in San Jose.

Stepanek, partnered with Tommy Haas, also won the doubles crown. Nice weekend for Radek.


sG said...

I am so angered by the Dubai thing and the seeming lack of players standing against what happened to Peer. I expect more than just a "that sucks for her" type attitude. How would our American women feel if they were judged by the actions of Bush, a man not too popular in certain parts of the world. I'm guessing the WTA and such wouldn't be too blase about it then.

I really am quite disappointed.

Savannah said...

I have no doubt that the WTA knew about this a long time ago and is just acknowledging it now.

I don't think anything will come of the "review" and that next year this time the tournament will be played as per usual.

That said it doesn't make it right.

Tish said...

I agree, Savannah.

The duplicity is shameful but hardly surprising.

Savannah said...

Larry Scott has since said that Dubai waited until the 11th hour to deny the visa. It's also being said that Shahar and her family decided against putting pressure on other players to withdraw. Mauresmo's withdrawal is based on her winning a tournament Sunday and being scheduled to play Monday.