Wednesday, January 21, 2009


by Savannah

I've been a bit distracted. Back to tennis tomorrow.

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Helen W said...

Hi Savannah,

Share this or not, as you choose.

I am just unhelmed by this event. Never in my lifetime have I even dreamed of anything like it. I have never even imagined people of every possible race, religion, ethnic background, & culture united in joy and hope -- world wide.

The weight of hope resting on this one man's shoulders is impossible to comprehend.

I fervently pray that it will last -- that he will continue to encourage each and every one of us to set aside our petty fears and grievances, and look forward, not back, and that we will respond in kind. His graciousness in his acceptance speech to McCain, when he won the election, should stand as an example for all of us. Instead of expressing our dislike of the outgoing president, we should commit to the future.

Despite the frequent criticisms, I believe that the US and the core values of its people are *the* hope for our common future.

Here in Canada, our daily routines were completely forgotten as people everywhere gathered in front of TVs to watch the unfolding.

Please, please let us see and seize this opportunity.