Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dinara vs Serena

by Savannah

Neither woman played her best tennis during this fortnight. There were times both looked as if they'd be leaving the brutal heat of the Australian summer behind but here they are in the first Grand Slam final of the year.

Serena fought off Elena Dementieva who came into the tournament on fire but had not faced a seed until Serena stood across the net from her.
Serena looked as if she was toast during her quarterfinal match against Svetlana Kuznetsova in brutal 130+F heat on Rod Laver Arena. Once the roof was closed Serena found her stride and that was all she wrote.

Dinara had to beat back the challenge of French teenager Alize Cornet of France to get to her quarterfinal match against the woman who became the face of this Australian Open Jelena Dokic. Dinara, who has been the darling of women's tennis for the last few months fought the crowd and a flagging Dokic to make it to the semifinal match against her countrywoman Vera Zvonareva.

Both Serena and Dinara saved their best tennis for the semi's. Who will win? It depends on a number of factors. If the heat wave has broken and the roof is open - this affects the women as well as the men ESPN commentators - you have a toss up. If the heat wave has not broken you still have a toss up.

Both women have shown that they have tremendous will so I expect a battle royale. May the best woman win.

Not so idle chit chat

Do they fine the announcers? Chris Fowler made a comment that I'm sure he wished he had back as soon as he said it. He and Bud Collins were discussing Elena's serving woes which made an unwelcome return during her match this evening. Fowler then said that serving yips were like herpes. Once you have it/them you never get rid of it. Collins was speechless and no one could bail Fowler out of that little faux pas. Let's see how the suits at ESPN respond.


cp said...

Fowler is an idiot like Gimelstob. I wish they would get rid of them.

Cheryl said...

Come to think of it, both Dinara and Serena both have superstar siblings.
I hope Dinara wins, propelling her rankings to number 1.