Friday, March 19, 2010

Seen and Heard Around

by Savannah

Indian Wells Women's Semi Finalists

[6] J Jankovic (SRB) vs [8] S Stosur (AUS)
[5] A Radwanska (POL) vs [2] C Wozniacki (DEN)

Despite what some in the tennis media described as the loss of "star power" all the the WTA semi finalists are in the Top Ten.

Match point during Samantha Stosur's match against Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez ended up being a tennis WTF moment. MJMS hit a first serve that was out. There was a late call and MJMS challenged saying Stosur had waited too long to challenge. Kader Nouni was in the chair and he agreed with Stosur and upheld the out call. MJMS who had to know she had just hit a first serve and that once the out call was upheld she had a second serve inexplicably served a first serve that was quite obviously out. Nouni called Game, Set, Match and surprisingly both women looked perplexed. Was MJMS trying to bluff? If so she picked the wrong chair umpire. She didn't shake his hand though which is bush league on her part. This is MJMS second questionable action on court. Come to think of it Stosur pulled a fast one in Australia. Does Justine Henin have two women vying for her throne?

Jelena Jankovic's New House

I'm tired of Tracy whining about JJ's new digs. Ms Jankovic is building the house in San Diego. Here's what the Los Angeles Times said.

Jelena Jankovic, a 25-year-old Serbian who is the sixth-seeded player at the BNP Paribas Open, is hoping to be moved in to her 20,000-square-foot new-construction home in Rancho Santa Fe sometime this year.

"It's on a hill," Jankovic said of the lot where her new house is being built. "It's one of the best spots." She said she can see the ocean "a little bit" from one of her balconies. The house will have three levels and a 10-car garage. "I have five cars for now," she said. She also raved about all the closet space and that there are two master bedrooms. "One for woman, one for man," she said.

Would she would have a man to share all this space? "I have a boyfriend for now, but I don't know," she said. And of course the new home will have a tennis court.

Jelena, and any top athlete, has the right to spend her money any way she wants. She's worked for it and has made what seems to be an investment for her future. Haters to the left.

Tennis News

ESPN's Chris Fowler has gotten an Emmy nomination for his tennis commentating. I've always admired Fowler who came from the world of college football and fell in love with tennis. Congratulations Chris.

Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan are being profiled on CBS "60 Minutes" on Sunday. Check your local listings.

John Lloyd officially resigned his Davis Cup captaincy. Andy Murray said the following:

"It’s a shame because obviously the results haven’t been going well so it’s easy to kind of blame John in a way.

"I really enjoyed the ties, I really enjoyed the weeks in the lead up – guys know him well, he’s a nice guy, good fun, likes his football, likes being around the guys, tells a great story."

Greg Rusedski's name is still being mentioned as Lloyd's successor.


Bronze said...

Jelena, and any top athlete, has the right to spend her money any way she wants. She's worked for it and has made what seems to be an investment for her future. Haters to the left.

So much word. You'd think that a former top player could find plenty of more profitable topics (so to speak) to fixate on.

Savannah said...

Hi Bronze. Welcome.

vw said...

Heard Greg Rusedski wants the job but Murray said NO.

Savannah said...

Interesting read vw. I'd read the quote but it was presented in a stand alone format without all of the information the link you posted provides.

I wonder if he wants to name his coach?