Monday, March 29, 2010

Quotable Quotes

by Savannah

Venus Williams and Andy Murray have made some interesting comments

Venus Williams on the state of women's tennis in the States.

“Thankfully [Serena and I] won't be walking into the sunset too soon,” Venus said. “Hopefully that will give some bumper time. It's just definitely strange because of the unbelievable tradition we've had with tennis for Americans since the beginning. I think that's what makes it so odd.

"But I've got hope. There are a lot of players who are very good, but getting to that level isn't easy for anyone. So hopefully there will be someone coming along soon with the tools and the traits and who will build that in their game to get there."

Andy Murray on his recent play.

Andy Murray said he's frustrated by his recent lack of mental toughness.

“I haven't been tough enough on the court, and that's what's most disappointing,” he said. "You can kind of get away with playing
badly. I don't really mind that. But mentally the last few weeks I've been really poor and unacceptable. It's not been great since

"I need to find a way to get round it, and I'm sure I will. I've gone through bad patches before, and I just need to practice hard,
work hard, and get stronger. I'm sure I'll start playing better again. But the last few weeks haven't been the best.”

Yaninia Wickmayer's father Marc Wickmayer has said unless his daughter is a starting Fed Cup singles player she will not play in the tie against Estonia at the end of April.

"It's the beginning of the clay season and Yanina does not want to risk injury in a match without significance," Marc Wickmayer told Le Soir, questioning Henin's motives for volunteering for the tie. "Why does Justine want to play? Because the match is taking place in Belgium? To look after her popularity in Flanders? If she's there again next year to go to Russia or the Czech Republic, then I'll present her with my apologies."

Marc Wickmayer also said Clijsters "doesn't talk to me a lot and is very distant with Yanina."

Yanina, however, has indicated she would be willing to play either way. "If I have to play, I'll play. If not, I'll encourage the others," she said. "The most important thing is that Belgium wins. I don't want to impose myself."

Why Bother?

For the second day in a row in my neck of the woods FSN tennis coverage ended an hour before the posted time. With hockey coverage starting at 6:30p there won't be any tennis on FSN tonight.

I found out late but Tennis Channel did show the Jo-Wilfried Tsonga vs Philipp Kohlschreiber match in it's entirety.
On Tuesday Tennis Channel is scheduled to have coverage from 11a - 11p. I can hardly wait.

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