Wednesday, March 17, 2010

News and Views 3/17/2010

by Savannah


WTA Quarter Final Match-Up's

[5] Agnieszka Radwanska vs. [4] Elena Dementieva
[18] Zheng Jie vs. [2] Caroline Wozniacki
[23] Alisa Kleybanova vs [6] Jelena Jankovic
[28] Maria Jose Martinez-Sanchez vs [8] Samantha Stosur

So... Do You Think This Guy Has A Right To Be This Happy?

Too bad the commentators forgot the adage about not counting chickens before they're hatched.

By the way who did Robbie Koenig offend to get paired with the Slob doing commentary?

Bienvenidos a Miami

There were some raised eyebrows, mine among them, about who was selected to receive a WC into the WTA tournament in Miami.

Justine Henin
Anastasia Pivovarova
Arantxa Rus
Jelena Dokic
Michelle Larcher de Brito
Ajla Tomljanovic
Petra Martic
Heather Watson

You're right. Not one American was given a WC. Last I checked this tournament is still on the US mainland. As a tennis head friend of mine said it seems that the organization that "Owns" this event made sure all of it's girls got in. After all IMG is everything no?

I haven't seen the Qualifying Draw yet but I'm sure that's where all the promising Americans are.

Winner of the "What Not To Wear Award" - WTA
Aravane Rezai

Runner Up: Jelena Jankovic

Honorable Mention: Caroline Wozniacki

A lot of people picked JJ's dress right off the bat but unless someone can prove otherwise I think Aravane's outfit takes the cake. From what I can see of the fabric it's just not something I'd wear on a tennis court (or anywhere for that matter).

JJ's dress is not that bad. It's just that you can't see it because of the color. I also wonder why JJ feels the need to wear an outfit with a padded bra. Doesn't she have boobies?

The only reason Caroline Wozniacki's outfit didn't win is because in my mind it's a given that whatever Stella McCartney designs for tennis wear is going to suck big time. I didn't like the scribble on that outfit Venus Williams wore last year and I like it less here. The color isn't good for Caroline's skin tone and it makes her look matronly. The only reason I don't say Stella made it all on her last name is because I pass her Madison Avenue store at least once a week on my way home and she does have some cute stuff in the window from time to time. She just has no concept of what a tennis player needs to project on court.

Best Dressed - WTA

Maria Sharapova has finally learned what is best for her. She is long and tall and while some may feel she needs a "feminine" look on court - lots of ruffles and flourishes - she looks best when she keeps it simple. This was a great outfit on her.

Zheng Jie is small. She is short in stature and very fit. Some may be surprised but it is very hard for a woman built like her to find clothes that suit her. This outfit does it all. It allows her to move and has just enough fabric in the skirt to give it a flair but not envelop her in it.

Of course there are awards to be given for the men's side. There are the shorts of course, and the outfit another player wore that made me keep looking for the "ready to rumble" guy and the cut man. That's all I'm going to say for now.

End Notes

Carla Suarez Navarro and Alisa Kleybanova played to an almost empty stadium last night. Judging from the way the Twitter gang cleared out there weren't many people watching on line either but that could be because only TennisTV showed the match. I tried to watch it but I fell asleep during the third set. Tennis Channel has been showing the women's late night match as a lead in to their daily coverage of late, something else they're doing right.
I have to say I was surprised that the organizers didn't have fans who stayed come down from the upper level to fill in the seats around the court. That is what they do in New York when matches run late and the crowd has thinned out in Ashe. Then again maybe they did.

Has the Andre Agassi "I'm Sorry But He Won't Call" tour ended yet? I'm not watching the vid, especially after one of the tennis media big wigs asked the rhetorical question "How can you stay mad at this guy?" It's that attitude that allowed Agassi to get away with skipping drug tests and being on meth.

By the way Pete Sampras issued a statement. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times he said the following:

"Mostly, this just bums me out," Sampras told the newspaper. "It makes our relationship uncomfortable now... It saddens me.

"We've done this before, the imitating each other. He usually just sticks out his tongue at me.

By the way no more shout out's from this space. I mention that Vera Zvonareva is the only woman who is fighting in her matches and bam, she's gone.

I'll end with one of my favorite Irish Blessing's

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
May the rains fall soft upon your fields,
And, until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.


Wayne said...

Hey Savannah. I agree looking at Aravane Rezai on tv or in pics the dress looks like a mess but I did her umbrella at the Sydney event this year and trust me it looks a million times better in person. I'm not sure what fabric it is but even though she was working her arse off there was not an ounce of sweat on the outfit so it does its job.

Karen said...

You know as a Fed fan I hate when they fawn over my guy. I think whether you are a fan of the guy or not there is no disputing that he is darned good at what he does but even I had to turn the tv on low last night when I heard Goodall having an orgasm after one of Fed's signature volleys. Yes, we get it, enough already. Frankly, I hate when they do it with any player. Try and be objective in the booth. We know it is hard, but just try.

On another note, saw this really wonderful article on and thought I would post it here as well as by Craig's. Really nice.

Savannah said...

Wayne thanks for that information. It makes sense now.

Savannah said...

Karen your post relating Jason Goodall's Fedgasm made me LOL. Too much. I don't have to worry about that with my fave.

Karen said...

As to the issue of the lack of wild cards to female American players. One would think that with Sloane going through qualies and winning a main draw match as well as pushing the defending champ at IW it would at least guarantee her a WC into Miami. As to Larcher de Brito, I have no idea why she continues to get WCs because it is not as if she is doing anything with them. She keeps getting bagelled and run out of town with her screeching self. I think every player just does their best to get her out of each tournament so that they no longer have to listen to her screeching.

Savannah said...

It's IMG's world. We just get to watch it.

Seriously Sloane not getting a WC into the MD is a crime.