Monday, March 29, 2010

Andy Murray: I'm Tired of Tennis

by Savannah

Andy Murray on his current state of mind.

'I need to start enjoying my tennis again. This has been going on for a few weeks now,' he admitted after losing 6-4, 6-4 to Mardy Fish.

So to add to the list of woes currently afflicting British tennis, such as Davis Cup humiliations and parliamentary hearings about the sport's administration, there is now turmoil in the mind of the country's one genuine championship contender.

This is all quite a turnaround. For a fleeting few weeks 12 months ago when he won the title here and Roger Federer was in meltdown, Murray was being acclaimed as the best player in the world.

n deeply pensive mood later on, third seed Murray, who received a first-round bye, assured everyone that there were no hidden problems in the background. He said: 'I've been very happy off the court but just not on it, and that's where I need to be happy because that's my career, this is what I do. It's only me who can figure it out.

People think sportsmen are different to other people but we're not - we all go through bad patches. I've got to get back to how I felt in Australia at the start of the season.'
Murray was emphatic that his malaise, which has seen him win just two of five completed matches since Melbourne, is not down to any profound reassessment since losing to Federer.And he also stressed that he is happy with the team around him.

I bet Adidas is really happy with this. They did just get rid of all their other male players to sign Andy for a shitload of money. Don't get me wrong, I understand that he can be burned out but I'm simply a fan. I'm not a suit from Adidas.


vw said...

I hear you about Adidas. I'm not a fan of Murray but I kind of feel sorry for him. I saw Slob kick him to the curb the other night. He always defended him before. That night, Slob was talking about how Andy was acting glum, hangdog, barking at his box,not acting like a top five, etc. That was his usual line for Djokovic, who he hates. LOL Anyhow the Murray team must not have given Slob his bonus check on time.
On the women's side, I want moonballer Pushniacki, Clijsters, and Henin to lose and Venus or JJ to win.

Savannah said...

I'm definitely not a Murray fan but I totally understand where he's coming from. First the pressure from his mother then the pressure from the LTA. Maybe all that nastiness is how he deals with the pressure.

As for the Slob he tweeted this morning how the rain had to go away so he could call the match featuring "the greatest player ever". I don't care if he thinks that. As a broadcaster he shouldn't state his preferences. Commentary is supposed to be fair and balanced no?

vw said...

The question is, how can we rid ourselves of Slob? What will it take?

Helen W said...

I can't help but think that the break-up of his long-time relationship could also be a factor.

Karen said...

Pity that fans of tennis have longer memories than Gimelstob. Last year this time Gimelstob was one of the many who were passing the hammer and nails into Federer's coffin, now this year he is all of a sudden the GOAT. Whatever. I can not forget last year when Fed was having his meltdown against Djokovic in Miami and was being soundly beaten by Murray in IW how Gimelstob was talking about how Murray is the best thing that ever happened to tennis and how he is able to break down Fed's game etc. Right now I am not even going to get into the whole who is GOAT and who is not, all I can say is that for every match that this Fed fan sees him play is just another for me to enjoy. This sport, as is life, is very fickle. Who knows what tragedy waits for any player down the road. Who would have thought that Nadal would have struggled the way he has. Look at DelPo, Murray, Djokovic, Kolya. Every single player right now is struggling. For right now Fed seems healthy but who knows what will happen with him in the next match. I just appreciate what is before me right now and pray that everyone can stay healthy on both the men's and women's tour.

Also Gimelstob needs to shut up. Nobody likes listening to him so he just needs to go away

vw said...

Gimelstob was talking about how Murray is the best thing that ever happened to tennis

Karen: Slob said, Murray will be the next Number 1, you heard it here.

break-up of his long-time relationship
Helen: Andy is seeing her again.

Karen said...

HelenW, funny you should say that as many people have speculated that it is not the loss so much that has him in a mental funk, but that Kim is not there to provide comfort. Makes you realise just how important the intimate partner is to these players.

JadeFoxxy said...

That article is probably talking about this meetup Andy and Kim had before Dubai.

Andy made it to the Australian Open Final without Kim by his side. There are plenty of ATP players who have wives/girlfriends who haven't achieved anything close to what Andy has achieved and that's because they are average players at best.

Andy issues are mental. And hey at least he acknowledges something is wrong.