Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wimbledon Champion!!!!!!!!

by Savannah

Those of us who are fans of Rafael Nadal always knew he was a special player, someone who would make history. We cried when the brutal schedule the AELTC enforced last year saw him come up short. We hated seeing him go down in Rome, one of his favorite events.
But all of that means nothing now as he hoists the most coveted trophy in tennis. He didn't close it out when we all thought he would but he did it as he does everything on his terms and in his way.
It has always been Rafa's dream to win Wimbledon. He has. He is no longer a "clay court specialist", he is simply a great tennis player. Congratulations Rafa!


Helen W said...


It was a harrowing match for this fangirl to watch. To see him choke away 2 sets -- something he NEVER does -- just because he wanted this one so badly. And then still to find it within himself to find the way back.

One for the ages, where both players did themselves enormous credit.

I felt for poor Roger walking around with the cookie plate, after having won the trophy 5 times.

But I am brimming with joy and delight in Rafa's finally winning Wimbledon. Maybe now the tennis pundits will forget that he is a "clay court specialist"? Or do I ask too much? And maybe, just maybe, talk about the GOAT (as if such a concept has any meaning) will die down.

Beth said...

What an amazing tennis display to witness. Rafa earned it and deserves this trophy! Watching a match like this is what being a tennis fan is all about. I can finally breath. Vamos Rafa - we love you!

Beth said...

Vamos Rafa! He deserves this win and to hold that trophy high. I said in another blog that NO ONE should ever sell this man short. He has the soul of a warrior and deserves this triumph. Watching this match I cannot imagine how his parents (or Roger's for that matter) got through the nail biting of it. It was just flat out phenomenal tennis. A gladiatorial display at its best. As a tennis fan, this it the kind of match you yearn to see.

oddman said...

Can't describe how utterly contented and happy I am today after hearing that Rafa won Wimbledon. He knew how close he was last year, and surely that memory helped him gut out the win. Believe it, you are the MAN today, Rafael Nadal!


cate said...

I felt for poor Roger walking around with the cookie plate, after having won the trophy 5 times.

At least he didn't bow out in the earlier rounds. Still reached the finals. Became a part of one of the greatest tennis matches ever.

So happy for Rafa. It was so sweet to see him cry tears of joy after being so disappointed last year.

Mariya said...


That was something so special and I'm so very happy for Rafa (and for you!)

Shannon said...

We cried when he came up short last year, yes. But that was nothing compared to the blubbering mess that THIS Rafa fan became when he won today. The match was a total emotional rollercoaster, and by the end the tension left me shaking, with sweaty palms and a pounding headache, then I promptly burst into tears.

It was FABULOUS. :)

tristann said...

Wow, what a match! and the ending could not have been sweeter.
Yesterday was one of the greatest moments for Rafa and as a fan I am beyond ecstatic.

The trophy ceremony, taking place in almost total darkness, lit up by hundreds of flashbulbs had a unique magical quality to it which made it extra special.

That last photograph you posted of Rafa looking down at the trophy in wonder says it all to me. Love, love, love this special young man and what he has accomplished.

Helen W said...

I love this blog! It is a haven where avowed RafaTards can gather, knowing that we are among kindred spirits!

Savannah said...

Because this is a blog about the sport of tennis I don't let my inner fangirl out too often. But I don't care at this point. Rafa won Wimbledon and realized his dream. He played a schedule that all the delicate flowers would cringe at and thank goodness is finally taking time off by withdrawing from Stuttgart. He's done so much for German clay court tennis the tournament director couldn't say no IMO.

I hope he spends a few days sleeping and fishing and that Toni makes sure he doesn't pick up a racquet for a few days.


Craig Hickman said...

Congratulations to Rafa and all this diehard fans!!!

I still have more to write about this match and Wimlbedon 2008 in general.

God help me.

oddman said...

Craig that's great! I've been wondering if you were going to, and time is surely ticking away here.......
Will be eagerly awaiting your thoughts.