Friday, July 25, 2008

ATP vs Hamburg Update 7/25/08

by Savannah

Anyone who has ever been a juror in a civil case will experience a strong case of deja vu.


By Daniel Kaplan, Staff Writer, SportsBusiness Journal

Substantial progress was made at settling the ATP antitrust suit yesterday afternoon after the judge in the case, Gregory Sleet, urged the two sides to get together, a source close to the talks said. Sides representing the ATP and organizers of the Hamburg, Germany, event met for five hours yesterday and were planning to meet again this morning at the Hotel du Pont, where ATP officials are staying. The sides were due in court by 8:30am with the jury expected to arrive by 9:00am.

The organizers of the Hamburg tour stop are suing the ATP in Delaware under U.S. antitrust law for planning to demote the sanction status of the event. The past three and a half days of court proceedings have featured sometimes heated testimony and revealing inside information into the workings of men's tennis, with yesterday including an appearance by economist Andrew Zimbalist that led the defense to call at one point for a mistrial and the judge to dismiss the jury by noon
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