Friday, July 4, 2008

SW19 July 5, 2008

by Savannah

They are the only two women left standing. All the neophytes and pretenders have fallen by the wayside and once again the Sisters Williams, Venus and Serena, stand alone on Centre Court on the hallowed lawns of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. We are eight years into the new century and in six of those eight years someone named Williams has hoisted the Venus Rosewater Trophy.

Which sister will it be this time? Will it be Serena, the woman called Fierce Stomping Diva by some, the sister who comes on court like a force of nature sweeping all before her?

Or will it be The Queen, Her Highness Venus? With her head held high and her features stilled into neutral will she prevail this year breaking her only every other year victory streak in the process?

By this time tomorrow we'll know. The one thing I do know is that they were sisters before tomorrow's match, and they'll be sisters when it's over.

Those on the outside should remember that blood is thicker than water. It's also often stated that outsiders do not jump into a family matter. Some say they know the dynamic between the sisters. Some claim to know how they'll react on court tomorrow. In reality no one can say that. We can only watch, and speculate, and in the end be in awe of the incredible domination these two women have shown at The Championships Wimbledon and that in the end in the legacy they will leave us with.


Karen said...

Excellent post Savannah. The other day I was watching the Evert Era on TC and I now realise why Chris Evert is the way she is. These people lived and breathed tennis to the detriment of everything else. Perhaps that is why they really cannot understand the dynamics of Serena/Venus. They first of all love and care for each other and want the best for each other. The next thing is that they are tennis players and at the end of the day you have to go home to your sister who has been there all your life. On another note, how must these commentators feel when they keep picking people to win and then these 2 turn up in the finals. They must feel like idiots.

Savannah said...

Thank you Karen.

I was watching a replay on television - I've been watching on Wimbledon Live to avoid the talking heads on NBC/ESPN - and Ted Robinson asked PMac I believe could he conceive of playing his brother in a final and then going home to the house you share. PMac said it would be difficult to say the least.

No matter what the state of affairs now between Oracene and Richard they instilled in their daughters that at the end of the day all you have is family. The waters they swim in are full of sharks waiting to smell blood and attack. Throughout the years the Williams family has circled the wagons and let the outside in on their terms. This is part of the reason the tennis world is so vexed with them.

I'm sure they have their issues, all sisters do - but that is their business and not the business of tennis.

As a parent I applaud good parenting when I see it. It takes hard work and not a little bit of sacrifice.

Venus and Serena are fierce competitors. Today one of them will lose. But a short time later they'll be on court playing doubles together. Nice.

Helen W said...

I always find it harrowing, gut-wrenching to watch them play against each other. I much prefer seeing them play doubles together than play against each other.

There is NO WAY, as some have claimed, that they decide in advance who will win.

Karen said...

Savannah, so true. The match was awesome and I am so happy that Venus won. Serena looked really pissed off after the match. She was not happy that she lost. Anyone who thinks that these matches are fixed are crazy. Both ladies wanted this match. Glad to see Venus win her 5th and without dropping a set. Awesome display of tennis.