Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Davis Cup World Group Playoffs Draw -And Other Stuff

(s) = seeded nation
(c) = choice of ground
* = choice of ground decided by lot

Australia (s) v Serbia (c)*
Hewitt. Djokovic. Zimonjic and Bozoljac. 'Nuff said.

Austria (s) (c) v Brazil
Guga will only play DC. Brasil brings in a strong team. So does Austria.

Belarus (s) v Peru (c)*
Peru should probably play at sea level to avoid aiding Mirnyi's serve. Horna, Miranda et al should put in a strong showing against Belarus.

Chile (s) v Israel (c)*
Fena. Massu. Rios? Naw but wouldn't it be cool? The Israeli team is going to give them all they can handle.

Croatia (s) v Great Britain (c)*
Will Ljubicic play? Will Ancic be fit enough? Will the Brits pick an outdoor court on - grass? Will James Ward play with the Murray Brothers and Henman? Ward has been training in Spain and got a controversial WC entry into Valencia where he promptly lost.

Czech Republic (s) (c) v Switzerland
I'm sure Federer will come down from his aerie and play to keep his country in the mix.

Romania (s) v Japan (c)*
The Japanese team did pretty well in making it this far. I think they'll be trying to continue their good play.

Slovak Republic (s) (c)* v Korea, Rep.
I'd pick the Slovak Republic to take this.

In Davis Cup Related News...

Francesco Ricci Bicci has announced that the ITF is taking steps to standardize both hard courts and clay courts used by countries in DC competition. No more ice rink like surfaces will be allowed he says. Heavy clay may also be on the way out.

Full Article Here

Much was made of Team United States DC Captain Patrick McEnroe choosing a surface that reduced Spain to spectators at their own tie. Many fans were advocating that Russia choose an ice rink like surface in their semi final match against Germany. And of course the US is still complaining that the surface used in Spain a few years ago was akin to quicksand. By avoiding Argentina and going up against Sweden it will be interesting to see what surface Sweden chooses. I expect to see the US protest this.


mmmm8 said...

"Guga will only play DC" Did you mean to say Guga will only play doubles? I don't remember him say anything about not playing DC.

Croatia - GB should be interesting. I followed the GB-Dutch tie closely because I was away but I had access to BBC sport from my sell, and that's all they were posting news about. They got really pumped up from the win, but getting Croatia is just bad luck.

Savannah said...

Doubles. I didn't mean to imply that he was not playing DC. He is going to play.

Savannah said...

With this taking place in September it's conceivable the Brits will pick an outdoor grass court. Ljube supposedly retired from DC play and no one knows what shape Ancic will be in. This is a very interesting tie.