Sunday, June 12, 2011

They're Back People

by Savannah


Wimbledon Qualifying begins this week but there will be only one story everyone associated with tennis will be following. Both
Venus Williams and Serena Williams will be playing the Wimbledon warmup at Eastbourne. No one is phrasing it this way but I will. Will their return save the WTA? Will quality tennis be brought back or will the one technique wonders continue to dominate the women’s tour?

I’ve already said that I don’t think they’re going to come back and tear up the courts beating any and everyone in sight. I think they’ll play well but will their will to win be enough to overcome months of non tournament play?

We last saw Venus trying to play through pain in Melbourne at the beginning of the year. Serena tried to come back too soon and now after a second surgery and rehab for her foot seems ready and she looks fit enough to play.

Keep in mind it's been four years since Serena, then ranked #81, stormed through the draw to win the Australian Open. Four years is a long time for an athlete.
Will Venus be able to once again impose her will on the lawns of SW19 and hold up the dish that bears her first name?

We'll know by this time next week won't we?

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vw said...

I just don't know about Vee here. If I have to choose I prefer Vee to go all the way but I think Serena is going to go further.