Monday, June 20, 2011

Rewriting History and Updating Fashion

by Savannah

Some observations from Day 1...

Chris Evert is being paid to be a commentator. Sure the standards to be a tennis commentator are pretty low but when you botch something as basic to modern tennis as who got shafted by bad calls at the US Open resulting in the institution of HawkEye I'm sure the suits gave you a good talking to. Pammy corrected her as an aside and did the moving on thing. Really Chris?

So what to do about her? Put her in the studio? I don't think so since Hannah Storm called Michael Russell Michael Young and obviously wasn't listening to Darren Cahill who called Russell by his correct name because she promptly called him out of his name again. The mind boggles at the shenanigans Chrissie and Hannah could get up to in the studio.

Leave it to Venus Williams to make a huge fashion statement. Most people found fault with her modern day romper. I liked it. The legs are full and allow movement. The top is draped and also allows the arms to move freely. The fabric, white on white, is great. Of course Venus had to leave a little skin showing and the cut out in the back caps off the modern look.

There were also complaints about the zipper in the front but as any woman knows rompers and jump suits are not that popular because at some point you have to go to the ladies room. The zipper placed like it is allows for an easier time when you have to go. Besides it looks better there than in the back of what are supposed to be cocktail dresses or evening gowns where it just looks like the seamstress doesn't have a clue about sewing.

Due to the rain the majority of matches will be completed tomorrow. Unless Chrissie rewrites history again or Hannah continues to call people out of their name I won't post until all of the first round matches have been played.


Kia said...

I saw very little tennis today but am not surprised that Chrissy was as clueless as ever. Maybe she blocked all things Serena out after her very helpful open letter...

As for Vee's dress I think that standing still, in pics it is great. But in motion it looks like my dear Granny's special occasion table cloth.

Tomorrow is equally as busy for me so I look forward to your assessment. And the commentating must be very bad if B Gilbert isn't among the most offensive : )

Karen said...

On the theme of tennis commentators not knowing their heads from their asses. Listened to Jimmy Arias on ESPNI who said that Serena had 3 Wimbledon titles; that she beat LenaD in the semis last year before beating Bepa in the finals and get this said that she would have a tough time against Bojavanoski because she hits the ball hard and trains at Bolitterri.

Yeah, talk about uplifting commentary. And when are they going to get IMG out of tennis? Someone should really do an investigation to find out just how far this sports marketing giant has infiltrated our sport.

Savannah said...

Thank the gods I only have to listen to Arias every now and then.

I blogged about IMG's effect on tennis a couple of years ago. Their effect is toxic and should never have been allowed.

That said with it's head gravely ill I doubt much will happen anytime soon.

TennisAce said...

I swear that IMG has basically destroyed the sport. I was shocked the other day when I was watching Classic matches on Wimbledon and actually saw the name IMG as one of the partners of TC. It answered so many questions for me. Just ugh!!! and you have too many commentators who owe their allegiance to that organisation that it basically prevents them from doing proper commentary on matches. No wonder Carillo left.

vw said...

I'll stick with my opinion that Martina is the best talking head. Arias and Doug Adler are the worst. Sounds like BG is trying to get his old coaching job back with his undying praise of Murray. LOL I like JMac the best. Vee's outfit is very nice and appropriate for a lady her "age."