Saturday, June 4, 2011

2011 French Open - The Women's Champion

by Savannah


Li Na, 29 years old, from Wuhan Province in China has put the women's tennis establishment on notice. The match between two tour veterans was something rarely seen in women's tennis. Strategy. Good clean ball striking as opposed to ball bashing. Good use of the entire court. Decision making based on what was happening across the net not according to some pre planned cookie cutter plan.

The Champion also showed off her clay court skills. She can slide. Not after the shot but into the shot the way it's supposed to be done. I don't remember her having that ability which means it can be learned. I'm just saying.

The commentators on NBC say that Caroline Wozniacki recommended Li's new coach to her. If that's true that was good on Caroline. I wonder how Thomas Hogstedt is feeling right about now? I'm sure his new charge is giving him what for.

But enough about that. Li did what champions do. She bent but didn't break winning the second set tiebreak to love.

You know you've arrived in tennis when you get your gangsta name. For some it's being known simply by your first name a la Serena (Williams). Early in the match @FortyDeuceTwits gave Li Na her name Madame Li. Kinda badass ain't it?

The other thing is Madame Li is not a member of the Chinese Tennis Federation so she keeps all of her money.

As someone said on Twitter Tiger Mom's all over China are shoving tennis racquets into their daughters hands. Look out world.

Congratulations to Li Na, 2011 French Open Champion.


vw said...

Ha! Great for Na Li this year and Schiavone last year. The two "old ladies" got it done.

lilac said...

Here comes China. Bye Russia -- and your Blondes.

徐一村 said...

Li Na still has to pay 8% to 12% of her earnings to the Chinese tennis federation. That's what i read from the Chinses media

Savannah said...

Thank you for this information 徐一村. The television commentators implied that since she is not part of the Chinese tennis federation she got to keep her money.
I know that the head of the Chinese federation was court side.