Monday, June 21, 2010

Wimbledon Day 1 - Grazing in the Grass

by Savannah

Quote of the Day:

Q. Do you think it might have helped you to play him three times in a row?

ROGER FEDERER: It shouldn't have, no, especially after Halle. He should have known that I was going to beat him. But he forgot I beat him (smiling).
Post Match Presser 6/21/2010

Blades of Grass
German/Jamaican Dustin Brown is considering an offer of British citizenship based on one of his grandparents having been British. He would become the British Number 2. He is presently playing as a German citizen. He's ranked thirteenth in that country.
Front and back views of Venus Williams Wimbledon dress. Venus says it was inspired by Tina Turner. The girls in the booth said it reminded them of the style of dress worn in the 1920's by women who were called flappers. Whatever inspired it it is a beautiful outfit. It screams class and elegance. Good work Venus.
Honorable mention goes to Jelena Jankovic. She's been wearing nice dresses lately. Keep it up.
Just remember we do know who you are Jelena.
Worst Dressed
Maybe Ana Ivanovic has been watching too much of the World Cup and seeing the grass thought she was in South Africa. The lack of vuvuzela's serenading her should have tipped her off. Anyway this is the worse I've seen so far. Aravane Rezai is still to come.
Special Mention
Couldn't leave him out could I?
Editorial Comment of the Day
Ain't love grand?
End Notes
Novak Djokovic and Olivier Rochus are about to start the fifth set of their first round match as I type this. Play was halted due to nightfall and the AELTC thought it best to close the roof. I'll report on this tomorrow.


TennisAce said...

that picture of the couple made me laugh out loud.

Roger looked very under dressed. No mariachi outfits this year. Thank goodness for that.

Venus looked lovely and she played very well too.

Maru said...

His comments, his comments... I've come to the conclusion that I hate myself, there's no other way to explain why I still read anything he says.