Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grazing in the Grass - Wimbledon 2010 Day 10

by Savannah

Quotes of the Day
I am struggling with a little bit of a back and a leg issue. That just doesn't quite allow me to play the way I would like to play.
Q. Some of these big, flat hitters seem to be having an effect on you. Do you need to alter your game to adjust to that?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, if I'm healthy I can handle those guys, you know.

Q. Did it affect your level of motivation or anxiety about the match before the match or in the early stages of the match?

ROGER FEDERER: No, it wasn't that bad, like that I was just hoping to get to the finish line. I mean, once I enter the court, I am there to battle and to try to win with what I got. You know, otherwise I'm not going to walk on the court like I did once in my life prior in Bercy against Blake.

But it's nowhere close to being that bad. It's just uncomfortable. Yeah, like I said, you can't play freely. When you can't play freely, that's the kind of performance you get.

Q. A number of shots were sailing out and the crowd would groan and then they would suddenly curl in. What role do you think technology had on today's result, strings in particular?

ROGER FEDERER: I don't know what you mean. What do you mean, balls were flying out and they came back in?

Q. No. It looked like he was hitting balls that were going to land 10 feet behind the baseline and then they would curl in.

ROGER FEDERER: No, no, he didn't play like that. You saw a different match.

Q. Do you think the return was the most difficult part of your game today? Because sometimes you were returning a little slower and he was hitting a lot of winners.

ROGER FEDERER: That's his game. He took a lot of chances, you know. I tried to slice it; I tried to play aggressive. You know, first you just want to try to make the returns.

But, you know, I mean, I had my chances. I don't think I needed to change much. The way I returned, this match I could have won as well, you know.

But, uhm, I was just not playing well enough. And when he had to, he was able to come up with some good stuff, you know. But I definitely gave away this match, I feel.

Roger Federer Post Match Interview
I was going to post the explosive comments as I'd seen them in several news articles but I went to the Wimbledon Official Site to read them in context. They're not less explosive, it's just that some of the statements were turned around and out of sequence. It's only fair to the player, no matter who he or she is, to quote them in context.
The following is from Tomas Berdych's post match interview.
Q. Roger said he had some physical problems; that his back and leg were bothering him. What did you notice and what is your reaction to him saying that?

TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, I mean, I don't know if he just looking for some excuses after the match or something like that. I mean, it happened to all of us. You know, I think he's been every time when he played, he was I think hundred percent ready.

So maybe right now he's getting some more troubles with the health. But, you know, I think it just happen today. So I didn't know that. I just heard it first time like you said it right now. So, yeah, just to him hope that he's gonna get back soon and that's it what I can just wish him.


As of Monday July 5, 2010

1 1 Nadal 720 9465
2 3 Djokovic 720 6905
3 2 Federer 360 6885
4 4 Murray 720 5155
5 6 Soderling 360 4935
6 5 Davydenko 45 4740
7 8 Del Potro 0 4350
8 7 Roddick 180 3490
9 9 Verdasco 10 3475
10 10 Tsonga 360 3455

The Other Upset
Despite Venus Williams surprise loss to Tsvetana Pironkova I consoled myself with the thought that she would still win the Women's Doubles crown. That was not to be either. Vera Zvonareva and Elena Vesnina took Venus and her sister Serena Williams to three sets winning 3-6, 6-3, 6-4. You can see in the picture above that Serena's right shoulder was taped. After the match the cameras followed the sisters and their security escort and it appeared to me that Venus was limping slightly.
I don't want to take anything away from the Russian team's win. They played very well and deserved their victory.

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love40 said...

Last year's RG-Wimbledon run was a joke. Free lunch is over, Roger that! Mr. Federer has been sitting on such a high horse that when he falls it's going to be long and hard.