Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grazing In the Grass - Wimbledon Day 3

by Savannah

Historic. Unprecedented. Never seen before. Throw out the record books. John Isner and Nicholas Mahut will hopefully complete their match tomorrow afternoon London time. But the entire sports world sat up and took notice of tennis for once.
Was it great tennis? No. Was it great theater? Yes. I mean the scoreboard was reset because it's not equipped to go over 47. The online scoreboard reset when the score hit 51-50.
Personally I was horrified that the match was allowed to go on so long. Maybe it will make the AELTC and the FFT to look into instituting a tie break after a certain number of games have been played and there is a tie. I know it's not going to happen but at what point do you say "enough". Both players could possibly be out of the tournament since their muscles have to be saturated with lactic acid.
The tennis world, and the rest of the world waits for the outcome.

A Slap in the Face

I don't see any other way to describe the women's court assignments for tomorrow. It's my understanding that Caroline Wozniacki is a favorite of the top people in the WTA. Maybe that explains it.

It's been amusing reading the apologists for the assignment. Their argument is that Serena Williams was never officially assigned to Centre Court so the uproar is being caused by misinformation. She is the defending champion. She is ranked #1. She has won several Grand Slams. The WTA representative on Centre Court tomorrow has never made it past the quarters at Wimbledon where tradition means so much.

Nothing is going to change the assignments though and we all have to live with the situation. It's too bad that something this ugly has reared it's head, once again, at Wimbledon.

Smile of the Day
Media Takeout is an online gossip site aimed at an African-American audience. Too bad they don't follow tennis or else they'd know the "mystery man" is none other that Serena Williams good friend Andy Roddick. Two long time friends greeting each other is not newsworthy unless you're looking to point out that they are friends. I'm just sayin'.

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Helen W said...

It's such a crock. They give Roger the #1 seed, but they put Serena on court 2? What about tradition, what?

Anyway, love love love the insane match between Mahut & Isner -- just wow!