Monday, May 24, 2010

What Did She Say?

by Savannah

Caroline Wozniacki apparently has carte blanche to say whatever she wants and get away with it. No need to mention her father giving bettors in Poland a nice pay day when he told his daughter to go out there and fake it last year which she did. No matter that the exchange was caught on tape.

During her post match interview today Caroline made the following statements.

Q. How was the ankle out there?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: It feels much better today. Yeah, I felt really good, actually.

Q. Do you feel like in the last few weeks that it was a good idea to play so many tournaments or do you think it would have been better to take a little time off?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Well, you know, there are some rules on the WTA Tour, and we have to follow those rules. Maybe it would have been better if I could have taken a few weeks off, but those are the rules, and I did what I had to do.

Q. When you say those are the rules, it's mostly a question of fines and money. Can you talk about how you juggle that? Why not just pay the fine and take the week off?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: It's not just a fine. It's also commitment tournaments, zero pointers. Yeah, some other things that plays in mind, and if you read the rules, you'll know. I think we should talk about other things. About my match today, maybe.
Q. Did you feel the ankle today? If you did, was it in certain moves or...
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: It feels pretty good today, actually, and I've had good support in the tape, so I was really happy about that.
Q. Didn't feel it?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: No, not really. No.

So let me see. Elena Dementieva was accused of tanking after losing a three hour match so that she could get to Paris early and supposedly threatened with an investigation by the WTA while Sunshine admits she faked an injury and played like it today hence the questions. What gives WTA? Are only certain players subject to disciplinary action?
The entire interview can be found on the Official Roland Garros Site

What Not To Wear
I saw the pictures of Venus Williams, or should I say her derriere, yesterday. I chose not to post them here. Little did I know the pictures made their way all over the world wide web and one network television news show.
Venus is a grown woman and she can wear what she wants. If she chooses to continue to, uh, show her ass that is her choice. I do hope they can convince her to wear a different color undergarment though. For her sake.

Meanwhile Jelena Jankovic wins the best dressed award for the ladies at the French Open.
Her buttercup yellow dress fits her perfectly and contrasts well with the red clay.

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Craig Hickman said...

You are a fan of yellow dresses, no?

I haven't seen Jelena play yet, so I won't comment.

I've ignored discussions of Venus' dress and undergarment. Especially since she's already worn a similar outfit at the first Slam of the year.