Sunday, May 23, 2010

The French Open Day 1

by Savannah

Before I get to the pictures I want to understand something. It was known that Viktoria Azarenka was injured going into the French Open. Well known. So why is it that her loss is being talked about as a major upset while this result - Akgul Amanmuradova (UZB) d. (20) María José Martínez Sánchez (ESP) 62 64 - is being ignored? MJMS was hot coming into Paris and many expected her to go deep in the tournament. Instead she's out to a woman who barely played any tennis during the clay season.
Meanwhile Azarenka left the grounds without granting an interview to the press. That means that in addition to not defending her quarterfinal points from last year she's being fined. Not a good day for Miss Azarenka.

I also need to understand how Chris Fowler could talk about Janko Tipsarevic being a contender when at the time this comment aired Tipsarevic had already lost? When did they record this stuff?

I watched Ernests Gulbis spraying shots all over the court and thought it was nerves. Instead he retired with an injury.

And finally I need to know who the hell told Svetlana Kuznetsova to wear shorts that do nothing but call attention to her derriere and not in a good way. I'm also guessing that Aravane Rezai is wearing that horrid gold thing. The only picture I saw of her was on the RG official site and she was in it.
Glad to see butts in the seats for Venus Williams match against Patty Schnyder.
The Frenchmen rained catcalls on Venus when she revealed the black lace version of her French Maid outfit. The skirt appears to be see through. They liked it. A lot. Especially since the shorts are skin toned. Venus skin tone.
It was a bright sunny day in Paris and the courts needed to be maintained.
The French Tennis Federation turned down Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's request to start later this week. They were consistent and turned down Richard Gasquet's request as well. Gasquet cited the Nice tournament win and Tsonga cited illness. It took Jo five sets but he prevailed over a determined Daniel Brands of Germany.
The Big Yellow Ball Brigades were out in force. When they're on the move you know a match is over.


Despite her loss it's good to see Anne Keothavong competing again.

End Note

I've been spoiled. I lasted an hour listening to the announcers on Tennis Channel/ESPN today. Not one of them seemed to have been watching any of the clay court season and Chris Fowler wasn't the only one who suffered from foot in mouth disease. When one of them commented that a player was sliding into his shot instead of using a more traditional approach I'd had it. I don't remember if this was before or after John McEnroe waxed poetic about how a day like this would play on the hard courts at the BJK Tennis center in New York.

Sure Robbie Koenig , Jason Goodall and their compatriots had their fanboy moments but in the end it was all about the tennis. The thing is when you wake up at five in the morning and are still lying in bed what happens is that you fall asleep. Oh well.


Karen said...

I have the ESPNI feed and so I a very happy tennis watching person here in Jamaica. I do not have to listen to all the jingoistic commentary, all I did was watch tennis. They never deviated from matches. If there was a MTO, they would switch to the next match. The commentary apart from some woman named Lucy who felt that Henin was the best thing to ever happen to women's tennis was all about the tennis. Even the Lucy woman had some wonderful insights into the matches on which she did commentary.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to see the crowds for the Venus match. I checked the schedule to see if they were waiting for a men's match and nope that was not the case as her match was the last one on that court. Very good to see. Clearly the Europeans like women's tennis.

Gulbis was losing before he got injured. He was being run all over the court by Benneteau. I hope people do not think that it was the injury why he lost.

Jimmy Arias is of the view that the reason why the WS are seeing a resurgence is because Henin and Clijsters were not around. Really Jimmy. You really think so? Idiot.

vw said...

MJMS was a Roman fluke. I think she only won that match over JJ, who has won that title twice, because JJ was exhausted from beating both Venus and Serena.

Savannah said...

For some insight into the mind of Ernests Gulbis this link is helpful.

As for Jimmy Arias he is in total lockstep with the mindset of TPTB in US Tennis.

MJMS still had an okay European clay court season so for me it's still a surprise that she went out so early.

And your implication that to beat both WS is taxing leaves you open to being called a "Venut" in some circles. Not by me of course.

kraa said...

I didn't see the match, but it has been reported on message boards that MJMS injured her shoulder during the warm-up and was barely able to serve. I am willing to believe since I've seen Akgul play and there is nothing there...

Savannah said...

Thanks Kraa. I've seen Akgul play live too and that's why I was surprised.