Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This and That

by Savannah

Let me start by saying abdominal surgery is a bitch. I thought it was overkill to prescribe Hillbilly Heroin as a pain killer but it wasn't. I'm through with it now but it was needed.

And now on to tennis.

It had to be disheartening for fans of Ana Ivanovic to watch her match against Jelena Jankovic earlier today. The two Serbian's split the first two sets by identical 6-4 scores and would play a third set to see who would move on. I was tempted to offer Ana a plate of select Spanish cheeses since all she did was whine to her coach about not being able to see the ball. She was yammering on about some other problems she was having and not paying the slightest bit of attention to any coaching he was trying to do. Ana managed to win one game in the third set.

It's a good thing The Monogram didn't have to play Oleksandr Dolgopolov Jr yesterday.

Venus Williams is now officially WTA #2. Serena Williams remains WTA #1. Somewhere there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The tally so far for the WTA.

Caroline Wozniacki - Out
Melanie Oudin - Out
Svetlana Kuznetsova - Out
Maria Sharapova - Out
Justine Henin - Out
Dinara Safina - Out

Gael Monfils is now wearing K-Swiss. He's one of the players kicked to the curb by Adidas so that the Scottish Churl could be their tennis player.

I wish someone would explain to me why Tennis Channel has time to show the men's early rounds live but the WTA is relegated to online viewing.

I should mention that it was great seeing the stands full on Court 3 for the Ernests Gulbis vs Mikhail Youzhny match. The stands are also pretty full for Serena vs Nadia Petrova. Tennisheads, no matter their locale, know a good match when they see it.

What Not To Wear
Rezai Madrid 2010
During her bag check segment on Tennis Channel Aravane Rezai says she likes shiny things. Not this shiny thing Aravane, not this.

Meanwhile someone I usually rag on looks as if she's taking control of her wardrobe.
blog Sharapova Madrid 2010
I like what I see of Maria Sharapova's outfit in this picture. The colors, everything looks right with it. Good work Maria.


Karen said...

Yaay Welcome back and yes abdominal surgery is a bitch but that is why the Good Lord made drugs - LOL. Good to see you back, snarkiness and all. Love it. The Monogram indeed and Dog Poo. Onwards, I have to say that I was shocked to see the stands jam packed for Serena's match. Awesome to see. Meanwhile Murray who was playing on the next court was playing to an almost empty stadium. Some justice indeed. Welcome back Sav and hope you stick around more often. I actually missed your Monogram snark LOL

Savannah said...

Serena looked as if she hit a wall today but Nadia played very well. It's the first time in like forever that I've seen the stands full for a WTA match.

As for the Monogram I don't want to say Becker played as if he were in awe of "The Name" as Baghs described it a couple of years ago but what the hell, he did. Dolgopolov played the way some thought Becker would play. I'm just sayin'...

Karen said...

Yeah, but the same could be said of Nadal as well. Have you ever read any of the transcripts before any of the other Spaniards play Nadal. They are defeated even before they get to the locker room. It is not only the Monogram that inspires the balls to shrivel. It is the Matador as well that inspires that kind of feeling. Face it, the ATP Tour is a bunch of shrivelled balls that do not deserve to be called professional tennis players. I think Nadal has a combined 100-2 record against his fellow Spaniards. Now that is some awe inspiring stuff. I thought Becker played well in the second set but he faltered when he should not have and Federer recovered from his WTF moment and won his match. As a fan I am still amazed that he is even still in the tournament.

Kia said...

I hope that you recover quickly from your surgery & am glad that you are back in time for RG.

Helen W said...

I felt the same watching Nadal's match -- that kid has game! Great to see so many younguns coming out and astounding us.

Go Ernests!

And welcome back, Savannah! Hope all this medical stuff is now behind you.

love40 said...

Savannah, great to see you back. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

love40 said...

Savannah, I wanted to share a Tim Ruffin article with you.

Savannah said...

Thanks for the article love-40. I was watching Estoril and the announcer, I don't remember his name, was talking about the dank weather and how unusual it was. Then he went on to say the players were staying close by except for The Monogram who was staying 15 kilometers away in Lisbon in a five star hotel where he had two suites and that he also had his own driver to ferry him to and from the event. In true talking head fashion he went right back to calling the match.

Karen said...

Savannah it is not unusual for Federer to stay away from the maddening crowd. He has 2 young children, a wife, his parents, nannies etc., etc. etc. People flock to him all the time for autographs, picture taking sessions etc. He has said that on the days when he has matches he does not sleep in the same room with Mirka and the children because he needs a good night's rest in order to compete. Nothing wrong with that. Whatever works for him. I have heard stories from people who have gone to tournaments where Federer has stayed close to the site talk about what happens to him when he comes down for breakfast or any meal. He is mobbed before he can sip a cup of coffee. Nobody needs that kind of aggravation early in the morning and I am sure with everyone and their mother trying to get pictures of the children, it is even more important to have some sort of privacy when he travels to tournaments.

Bex said...

Gael Monfils was signed to NIKE - not ADIDAS.

Desperate to have a go at Andy Murray much???

Savannah said...

My bad re Gael. I thought he was one of the Adidas orphans.