Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why Just the Spaniards?

by Savannah

David Ferrer

The above picture was taken just after David Ferrer went on a mini rampage after his loss to Robin Soderling. Ferrer has quite a temper and a mouth to match but could his anger have come due to nothing that took place on the terre battue?
Craig Hickman has been covering the growing controversy over all of the Spanish men still in contention - David Ferrer, Tommy Robredo, Fernando Verdasco and Rafael Nadal, being hauled out of bed for drug testing at 7a Paris time. Ferrer, who had just completed a long match and gotten to bed about 2a could not give a sample until two hours after being awakened.

Has drug testing become a political issue in men's tennis? That could only be the case if there are interests who prefer that certain matches take place as opposed to others. Of course that's just so much idle speculation on my part.


Helen W said...

Savannah we miss you. We're hurting and I guess you are too.

Please let us know you are OK.

Savannah said...

I'm better. There is so much going on with this event it's just as well that I took a back seat for a couple of days.

Anne Keothavong posted on Twitter that she was pretty messed up too so I guess it's not just me. :)

Helen W said...

Believe me you have been in out thoughts. You know that this is somewhere that I come when I feel battered in the tennis world and feel the need for a safe haven.

Glad to know you're better.

oddman said...

Oh, great. You're back. So glad to know you're OK. I'm still reeling a bit, but doing better, thanks to Helen W.

love40 said...

Savannah, he'll come back stronger because he has the HEART and SOUL of a CHAMPION!!!!