Tuesday, May 5, 2009

(Not So) Idle Chit Chat

by Savannah

New reports say David Nalbandian will decide by the end of the week whether or not to have hip surgery. He's quoted as saying his hip hurts more and more every day.

David Nalbandian is out for the year.

As we originally reported last week, David Nalbandian has officially called it quits for 2009 and has decided to undergo season ending hip surgery. The decision comes after an early exit this week and overall poor results for the Argentine. The issue became more apparent of late as he pulled out before his quarterfinal tussle with Rafa at the Barcelona event. The injury started more than a year but Nalby wanted to at least play out this year’s French Open before going under the knife. The surgery will take place May 13 in Barcelona. Phillipon Marc will be in charge of the surgery. He will make an arthroscopy and will have Angel Cotorro’s team assistance. Given David’s committment to fitness in the past, this could be the last we see of him but TC definitely hopes that isn’t so. Good luck David and come back soon!

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Chilean Number 1 Fernando Gonzalez says he will not play Davis Cup for his country until Jose Hinzpeter steps down as head of the Chilean Tennis Federation. Gonzalez accused Hinzpeter of breaking trust and revealing confidential information.
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Dinara Safina made some hilarious comments at her Rome presser. Sisters all over the world will nod their heads in understanding.

Q. Do you think he [Marat] will retire?
DINARA SAFINA: I think he will, but he was supposed to already retired last year, and he's still going. So, you know, he's a little bit unpredictable, so...

Q. That's the reason I am asking.
DINARA SAFINA: Because even I sometimes don't know what's gonna. Because we were not supposed to play Hopman Cup. At the end the year he say, No, I'm retiring. I'm not gonna play with Hopman Cup. And then I was like, okay, I have to go to play with somebody else.
Of course for me it's nicer to play with my brother. And then after two weeks, No, I'm playing Hopman Cup. I'm like, Okay, so just maybe one day before I should ask, So you are there or you're not coming?So he's a little bit unpredictable.

Q. He came, but it was a strange face. (Laughter.)
DINARA SAFINA: When I open his room -- I mean, I went to his room and he open the door and I look at him, I say, What now happen?

Q. What's new?
DINARA SAFINA: Yeah. He goes, Nothing. I had a fight. I go, Okay. Great. It's likely he didn't had anything -- I mean, in Moscow everything can happen, you know, especially it happened in the nightclub. So I mean, somebody could have easily knife or gun. So, I mean, for these thing you just...

Q. And for sure not for women reasons?
DINARA SAFINA: No. As far as I know, it was not for women reason. I mean, I wasn't there so I don't know. He said he sort it out, so I'm trying not to go into his business.

Q. Are you jealous about girlfriend of your brother, or not?
DINARA SAFINA: No, never. No, this is -- because this was also like it was funny for me, because I never -- all of them, like I'm really like getting good with them, and then of course is disappointing when he bumps them.
Then I feel in the middle, because like I'm good with them but they fight, and I don't know which side to take. For me it's also not a nice situation because I'm like in the middle between two of them.
Of course I feel sorry for the girl because she love him and then she still wants to get with him, and then I don't know. I'm like, Okay. I'm communicating with one and then the other one. (Laughter.)


As seen in the above pictures Dinara fell very hard during her match today in Rome. Let's hope she's okay.

Rumors out of Spain say the clay at the Caja Magica is similar to the very slow clay of Hamburg. If this is true did they do that to make up for the altitude?

I'm going to take a minute here and praise former pro Jim Courier. Jim played an exhibition match in upstate New York against John McEnroe during which he twittered. For those who follow him it was a good glimpse into what is going through a players head as he/she prepares to play as well as what the thought process is while playing. Great work Jim.

Steve Tignor gives tennis heads a great analysis of world number one Rafael Nadal's game and how the non professional can adapt some of the techniques he employs. It's nice to see people writing about how Rafa approaches the game instead of the usual drivel about what his opponents have to do to beat him.

Tennis Australia has awarded Bernard Tomic, 16, and Olivia Rogowska, 17 wild cards into the French Open.

In what can only be called unbelievable the tennis dad from hell Damir Dokic has apparently gone off the deep end. Off The Baseline reports the following:

According to Serbian paper Blic, after the story broke yesterday that Jelena Dokic gave an exclusive interview to the Sydney Morning Herald’s Jessica Halloran detailing years of abuse inflicted upon her by her father Damir, the elder Dokic responded by phoning the Australian Ambassador in Belgrade today, threatening to blow up her car with a grenade launcher if she didn’t do something about the interview.

Damir even confirmed his bomb threat in a telephone conversation with a Blic journalist.

Damir claims that he wants the Australian Information Minister to find out ‘who published that article full of lies’.

No word yet on the response of the Australian Government.

While posting the above I had a laugh out loud moment. Andy Roddick just twittered that he left his wallet in his car and didn't realize it until he was at the cash register paying for his purchases. Some pro's Twitter because they're being told to. Andy's are enjoyable and give you insight into him as a person away from tennis. It's nice knowing the famous have brain farts just like we do.


Helen W said...

Very sad news about Nalby! Let's hope the surgery is not too invasive, and that he will be able (and motivated) to make a full recovery.

Karen said...

I am bawling here as this was my first ever male tennis love and I am sad to see him ending his career this way. This is unfulfilled potential at its highest. So sad.