Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Peter Lundgren on Roger, Marat, Marcelo and Marcos

by Savannah

Fascinating discussion with Peter Lundgren on his famous charges. Enjoy, and of course, comment.

On Roger Federer

The Role of A Coach

On Marcos Baghdatis


rabbit said...

Savannah, this is a little off-topic. But I mentioned in an earlier comment on your blog that there were rumors Mirka went to the locker room during the rain delay in the Wimbledon final and somehow inspired Roger to fight harder in the rest of the match. Wertheim confirms this in his book. According to him, Mirka rushed over to the locker room before Roger reached there, and lectured him about how he was the 5 time champion, not Rafa. Roger stood there, listening silently and nodding his head. The rest is history :)

Savannah said...

Rabbit sorry for the delay in posting this.
It seems I'm going to have to read this book not only because of your comments but because I've heard it's pretty good.

Thanks for the intel!