Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Breaking News

by Savannah

Serbian Press reports say Damir Dokic has been arrested and that police are searching his home after his threats against the Australian Ambassador to Serbia.

Google Translation:

Police Minister Ivica Dacic said today that the arrest Damir Dokic, father of Jelena Dokić teniserka, because
threats that the media referred Austarlije Ambassador in Serbia.

Dačić said that the police do not want to on the basis of newspaper articles says that if someone had the intention to "do
as it is threatened, "but he stressed that the obligations of the Ministry of Interior to assure the safety of foreign diplomats in Serbia.
On the journalists at Belgrade airport "Nikola Tesla", by finishing the exercise of special units from the
the region, said that Dokic was arrested in his house in the area of Fruške up.
"It is a complete search of the building," said Dačić and announced that Dokic will be brought over to the investigative


vw said...

He's not a terrorist. He needs meds and a rest home.

Craig Hickman said...

Non-fiction is stranger than fiction.

sG said...

Well, of course! That at the very least had to happen. The man is an idiot, a blowhard with an overinflated sense of his own importance. I doubt a few nights in jail will cure him of it or curb his tongue.

Helen W said...


Damir Dokic was detained in his home in northern Serbia on Wednesday. Police said they found seven hunting rifles, a gun and two bombs during the search of his house.He's been jailed for 30 days. He sounds pretty dangerous to me -- bombs in his house?