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Some Week It Was 10/29-11/2/2007

by Savannah

Is there any other story? The talk of tennis is still Martina Hingis and her “alleged” according to Martina drug use.
Let’s take a minute and look at the situation the way Jack McCoy of “Law and Order” would.
Tennis fans have gone through the initial shock at the news.
“Not my Martina” her fans shouted as the piled on barges to float down that river in Egypt – denial.
The “my hair proves I didn’t do it” defense has disappeared like water in the Sahara. The hair test has been shown to be inaccurate and useless. The two urine samples, both the “A” and “B” sample came back positive.
“b” who posted on Craig’s blog yesterday seems to have been prescient. This tennis head posted that by retiring the ITF can’t ever reveal what the drug test showed hinting strongly that this was a preemptive strike by Ms Hingisova and her camp.
That she is not fighting the charges makes her denials just so many words.
Let’s not mince words here. This is major for tennis. It is also major for Hingis reputation and place in the sport as all the hard work and sacrifice she and her mother put in will in the end amount to nothing.
I’m sure this story isn’t dead. Of course that font of wisdom and knowledge Mary Carillo has announced that she is sure Hingis doesn’t have a major drug problem.
"Is it possible Hingis used cocaine around the time of Wimbledon? Yes, though I'd be very, very surprised to learn that she's got a serious drug problem," Carillo told CBS in an email.
There you have it folks. The Mary Carillo Center will be opening soon.

David Nalbandian once again beat Roger Federer at a Masters Series Event, this time in Bercy 6-4 and 7-6(3). After widely being reported to have been consulted about the new surface at Bercy (along with Rafael Nadal) Roger fixed his mouth to say that the surface was very slow and that he wished it could have been faster. In what has to be the understatement of the year David when asked about the surface issue replied
"Well, it's different. Over there (in Madrid) it's a little faster."
BBC Report

Appearance Fees

A correction. The moolah was laid out by the Bercy Tournament as follows:
Roger Federer 1.5 million
Rafael Nadal 750,000
Novak Djokovic 500,000

Original reports stated that each man would receive 750,000.


I have to say that the WTA has continued to have the worst tournament sites on the planet. Log onto the Sony Ericsson Championships site. Looking for information on when the draw for the groups will take place? The psychic hot line is open 24/7. These are tennis matches people not state secrets.
Do you live in the United States? Want to see the singles semi finals and final live? TVE is the station for you. No station in the United States is carrying the semis and finals live. Way to go WTA.

Davis Cup

The Final between Shamil Tarpishev's Russian Team and Patrick McEnroe's American team takes place later this month. Marat Safin, who said last month that he was finished with tennis for this year, that he was taking time off to work on his game and come back strong in 2008 may have changed his mind. Marat, seen here at a party with members of the mountain climbing team he briefly joined just may be warming the bench in Portland. Then again, maybe not.

As for the American team its leader Andy Roddick is said to be so focused on the DC that he may not appear in the TMC despite having qualified for it. I believe Andy has played exactly one match since the US Open, in Lyon. He decided against playing in Paris which means if he goes to Shanghai he will be the only player going in cold. Is he putting more pressure on himself by doing this? Of course. Many fans of American tennis feel that part of Andy's problem is that he does put too much pressure on himself resulting in him getting tight at critical points in matches and reverting to smash 'em bang it tennis. I don't know.
What I do know is that America's number two, James Blake, has been folding like a cheap suit in pressure situations all year. Andy will go into Portland knowing he has to win his two singles matches which is more than a little bit of pressure. If the Russian team includes one man last seen climbing a mountain, a man known for giving his all for his country in Davis Cup then there would be even more pressure on Andy.
Some of Andy's fans think he's afraid to lose in Shanghai. Other's believe he's so focused on Davis Cup he sees Shanghai as a distraction. Again, I don't know. I hope that whatever is going on in Mr. Roddick's head leads to the United States making a strong showing in Portland.

Side Notes

  • Davis Cup tickets sold out in something like thirty minutes or less. Many fans were shut out as a result. Fans are no match for program buying. If you want tickets now they can be had for thousands on line. It's a win win situation for everyone involved no? Oh yeah, the real fans get screwed but whatever.

  • Novak Djokovic went down in flames in Bercy in a match many felt he didn't give his all. It's true he was playing Fabrice Santoro, the man known as the Magician who has flummoxed players with his unique style for years now, but Fabrice was literally playing on one leg. The young Serbian, who is called Fakervic in some circles, was seen in Madrid doing his version of Muhammad Ali's rope-a-dope to Juan Carlos Ferrero. That is not what happened in this match though. Granted I was at work and couldn't watch the entire match but from the sneak peeks I did get Novak looked totally bewildered by Fabrice. So did his team. Meanwhile Nikolay Davydenko was once again given a warning, but no fine this time, for malingering. I mean come on guys. If everyone knows Djokovic will throw a second set for whatever cheap thrill it gives him all it would take is a warning and a fine to stop his antics.
  • And ATP, if you've got something on Davydenko fish or cut bait. He's still playing. Either you have nothing or you're messing with his head. If there is something I'm sure he can be suspended until the matter is settled one way or the other.

  • The ladies are actually in Spain people. Practicing and posing for pictures. None of this is on the official site though. Some fans have posted pictures which I'm showcasing below. These appeared in the Spanish press.

Link to video from El Mundo of Maria practicing and Jelena getting a lift. I've never seen male bimbo's before. Don't want to see them again. I mean did they even know they were on a tennis court?
El Mundo Video

Pictures of the Week

Lindsay playing the WTA Bell Challenge in Quebec City Quebec

Rafa 11-02-07

Richard Gasquet 11-1-07

James Blake

Fabrice Santoro

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