Sunday, April 10, 2011

Breaking Tennis News

by Savannah


Belgian press is reporting that Kim Clijsters is doubtful for Roland Garros. It seems that Clijsters was dancing at her nephews wedding and severely sprained her ankle. It's reported that she has a hematoma on the ankle, her right ankle, and that there are torn ligaments. She is expected to be out 4-6 weeks.

So Clijsters, who doesn't want to play Roland Garros anyway, is injured and will not be able to prepare for the French Open. Does she really want to play on clay anyway? Is Wimbledon something she wants to do? Let's be real here. Clijsters plays almost nothing coming into the US Open and when you look at the ankle injury and combine it with the reported shoulder injury she may not step on a court until the summer hardcourt season is underway. If you remember this is how she was so rested coming into the US Open when she returned a couple of years ago and won.

Will her injury be questioned like Serena Williams much more serious injury has been? Don't count on it. St Kim is above reproach. She's a mother after all. And we all know all of Kim's motives are above board. Right? I'm just saying.

The original article, in French, can be found HERE
There is also more information on her website


vw said...

Savannah, nobody is going to question Kim about anything. I would be extremely shocked if anyone brings it up.

Savannah said...

There was a Twitter "discussion" about Serena's 2003 knee surgery. I guess the scar on her knee is just decoration. Infuriating.

vw said...

...and in future I see Miss Sunshine getting the St Kim treatment too.

TennisAce said...

Savannah, I have stopped waging this battles with those who want to write their own narrative of events. Whether it is injury, fatigue, old age, or whatever it is, there are some in the media who are writing narratives that they wish to bestow on players. As I have said repeatedly, here and elsewhere, if I like how you play tennis and you act like a professional on the court, you are my kind of guy or gal. Nothing more. I don't care how many children you have, how many times you send get well messages to your fellow players, if you are in line for the Mother Teresa award or whatnot. I watch tennis for the tennis and nothing else.

In relation to injuries etc., a lot of people never ever talk about injuries that certain players may be going through as if to say, well she is a strong girl/gal, she is not really injured. If someone had not disclosed Serena's confidential health information to People, to this day we as fans would never have known about the hematoma and the PE. However, St. Kim hurts her foot dancing at a wedding and soon you will hear cries of woe is tennis because Kim is not at RG. Kim wants to Wimbledon to drive another stake in the heart of her greatest rival, Justine Henin. Funny thing is, Justine got her accomplishments during a tough era in women's tennis. Kim is getting hers when there is basically no one to challenge her.

Fred66 said...

Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who has noticed that Holy Mother Kim's injuries always seem to happen during her least favorite parts of the season, namely the European claycourt swing and the Asian swing in the Fall. Now that the nuclear spill in Japan has given her the perfect excuse not to go to Asia, I guess we'll only see her play 3 or 4 tournament's for the rest of the year. And of course she'll win them all, given that she'll be pretty well rested, while the others are running on fumes.

Savannah said...

That's her m.o. Fred. She may, I said may, play Wimbledon but I really don't think she'll play again until just before the US Open. We already know she's not going to Asia.

And no one lambastes her for not playing a full season and not being dedicated to advancing the sport. Oh wait, she's a mother. My bad.