Thursday, September 9, 2010

US Open 2010 - The Women's Semi Finals

by Savannah



Verz Zvonareva vs Caroline Wozniacki

Vera defeated an obviously overwhelmed Kaia Kanepi 6-3, 7-5 on her way to the semi's. She's played good, steady tennis so far and despite the announcers oft stated wishes there haven't been any meltdowns. Maybe she should've gone all batshit on Cliff Drysdale for saying she's crazy on national television. Some tried to clean up what he said by saying he was really asking her about being emotional but that's not what he said. He's been around too long to misspeak. Like Horton he said what he meant and he meant what he said.

As for Caroline Wozniacki she has pushed her way into the semifinals. There's a huge debate raging about just what a pusher is.
I found this definition posted on a fanboard. taken from Wiki.

In tennis, a pusher is a player who "pushes" back any shot they can chase down, without deliberately hitting a winner. This style of play, likened to a "human backboard", often tires and frustrates more offensive opponents. Pushers tend to have great success at the lower NTRP rating levels. However, they are usually beaten by players with a more aggressive strategy or possess serve-and-volley skills which rob pushers of the time they require to chase down a shot.

The pusher's strategy can sometimes be effective even at the upper levels of the pro game. Brad Gilbert is often referred to as the greatest pusher of all time, reaching the top 10 in 1990.

If you watched Caroline's round of sixteen and quarterfinal matches you saw how effective this tactic can be. The opponent becomes frustrated and hits an error. She manages to make it seem aggressive but in reality she just pisses her opponents off.

Who will win? I don't do predictions. I see this as a toss up. If Vera remains patient. holds on to her emotions and forces Caroline to play this could be a really interesting match.



Venus Williams vs Kim Clijsters

I have never understood why either of the Williams sisters have problems with Kim Clijsters. I really should say I don't get why any one has a problem with her. Kim is just a more aggressive pusher than most. She plays very quickly and takes away her opponents timing. When you don't let her pushing get on your nerves and you disrupt her timing she folds like a house of cards.
Ironically I see Venus in the same position as Bepa in this match. If Venus comes out ready to play and sticks to her game plan and forces Kim to play this will be a competitive match. I also see it as a toss up.

What To Wear
Dominika Cibulkova
Samantha Stosur

The best dressed women on court were those wearing Lacoste. On both Samantha Stosur and Dominika Cibulkova the kit looked fabulous despite their differing physiques. They both looked like they were in New York to play tennis. Congratulations to Lacoste for making tennis kits that look like the wearer is going to play tennis.


vw said...

Thank you Vera for your win over Sunshine. Gotta be honest, didn't think you could do it. What's the Yale football team gonna do now? Or Mr. Trump? Maybe the Djokovic family jinxed Sunshine yesterday when she went to their house in NJ to visit? I know they are fans of Russians and not media darlings. LOL

Helen W said...

Woo Hoo! Sunshine has been eclipsed.

vw said...

Too bad for Vee. I really thought she might do it today. But now I have to go with the other V.