Sunday, January 17, 2010

What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

by Savannah

Never take anything for granted. I had no intention of staying away from blogging as long as I have but sometimes you're dealt an unexpected hand.

Back in December I got sick at home and was rushed to the hospital thanks to the quick thinking of my daughter who goes by the name Haruka in these parts. To make a long story short a medicine I had been prescribed was poisoning my system. It was only through the insistence of my doctor of over twenty years that the true reason for me being sick was found and treated. I'll talk about this more in my non tennis blog "A Reclaimed Life".

I missed doing my year end coaches review and players of the year. I missed talking about Nikolay Davydenko winning the ATP WTF. I'll just list them briefly. No pictures.

Coach of the Year - ATP

Francisco Davin, coach of Juan Martin del Potro. His charge won the US Open. Eduard Davydenko gets honorable mention.

ATP Player of the Year

If you go by stats there is only one man who can be chosen. When you win two Slams that means something no matter what. Congratulations to Roger Federer.
Honorable mentions go to Andy Roddick who has really started to play modern tennis and Juan Martin del Potro

WTA Coach of the Year

Once again my hat goes off to Richard Williams and Oracene Price. Their daughters, one of whom ended the year with the number one ranking while the other is in the top ten show that all the unorthodox things Richard and Oracene did with their girls, especially having outside interests, proved to be right.

WTA Player of the Year

Serena Williams. If I have to explain you're not a tennis fan.

Match of the Year

ATP: Fernando Verdasco vs Rafael Nadal Australian Open Semi Final
WTA: Elena Dementieva vs Serena Williams Wimbledon Semi final

The Australian Open

ATP: We'll find out just who Nikolay Davydenko is. If Roddick is patient he will be the only American in the second week. As for Delpo i really don't know.
WTA: I expect seeds to fall llke rain on the women's side. Serena will either go out early or make the Final. If Venus makes the quarters I'll be happy. I expect to see Elena go deep but I said that last year.

You can tell I've been sick. I don't normally make predictions but this is what I'm thinking as the Australian Open begins at 7p Eastern time. This is the quirkiest of the Slams so it's hard to say anything with certainty.

I will try and do my usual thing for a Slam and give daily or every other day reviews. It feels good to be back.


Karen said...

And it is good to have you back. So sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope and pray that you are doing much better. Believe me when I tell you that you were missed. Your witticisms, insights, sarcasm, everything was missed. I think everyone kept bombarding poor Craig with messages about you. Who would have thunk that an online meeting place amongst people who have perhaps never met each other would lead to people wondering about folks when they do not appear. Really good to have you back

Pamela said...

Welcome back, Savannah! You have been missed - glad that all is well and that your daughter has the presence of mind that she does. I'm with you - the Australian Open this year will be something to witness. Nothing will surprise me. (I think)

Veruca Salt said...

Good to have you back Savannah! :)

Craig said...

Nice to see you, Savannah.

oddman said...

Welcome back, Savannah! Hope your health will continue to improve - we've missed you!

rabbit said...

Welcome back, Savannah!

lynney62 said...

Gosh we missed you! So glad you're back! Stay healthy and happy and enjoy the AO '10!

Helen W said...

Oh Savannah, your post is a belated New Year's gift to me. There wasn't a day gone by that I didn't visit this blog just to see if you were back.

Welcome back!!!

Christian said...

Thank goodness you're back!