Friday, January 22, 2010


Congratulations to one Ms Nadia Petrova. She is not in the best shape of her life and is mostly thought of as the woman who can't beat Maria Sharapova. But last night she showed what happens to the Sainted One when you take control of a match from her and don't let go. St Kim was reduced to a pouty, racquet throwing (Don't worry about a warning or a fine. Saints aren't subject to the same rules as other mere mortals. Only players like Serena Williams would've gotten a warning) bitch. She had no answer for the barrage of shots that came her way. Nadia had her by the throat and did not let go.

Pam Shriver and Mary Carillo (!) called the match. Let me rephrase that. They talked through the match. One of them pinged the Saint's manager to ask him what was going on. I asked myself isn't that what you two are being paid to do? All we got from them was weeping and gnashing of teeth. This poor soul lifted her eyes to the heavens and pleaded for the clear eyed non biased analysis of Martina Navratilova. She may be a catty bitch when it comes to her opinions but when she is behind the mike she is a professional. During Jelena Jankovic's match she made you see what was wrong with JJ's game. She didn't go on and on about JJ's mother like the ESPN crew does. That was what was needed last night. How did Nadia snatch control of the match from Clijsters? Why did Kim's attempts to take control back in the second set fail? Why has no one else approached Clijsters like this? What does this mean going forward? Instead of answers to questions like these all we got was that Nadia was "in the zone". Pay me what you pay those jokers because I can say stuff like that all day.

On the men's side John Isner found a way to beat Gael Monfils. I didn't see much of that match but I sure heard enough about it and saw the highlights.

I'm sure there is lots of stuff I'm leaving out but I think I'm doing good for someone who went to bed at 8a this morning. Australian time is a bitch.


Karen said...

LMAO, there is a reason why they did not have Martina call that match because you know that she hardly drinks the Kool Aid. Like you say she can be a catty bitch at times, but her analysis of the player's games are usually spot on. As to the whole time thing, man, I had to ask my sister today what day it was or rather confirm with her that today was Friday. Oy vey

Craig said...

Ouch. No holes barred.

I like this new voice.

Christian said...

I said it before, I'll say it again... thank goodness you're back!