Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Warriors

by Savannah

Congratulations to Team Italy. To absolutely no ones surprise they steamrolled the young American team on their chosen home court.

Andy Murray enjoyed a straight set win in Valencia.

Novak Djokovic needed three sets to overcome the Basel crowds hometown favorite.

Aravane Rezai was given a walkover by her opponent in Bali after winning the first set 7-5.

She thus becomes the first winner of the event.


vw said...

There's a photo out there where Djok with trophy is standing next to Fed with plate. Djok changed into some crummy grey t-shirt and Fed's wearing his monogrammed jacket. Too funny.

Matt said...

Oh I wish I could see the pic! Do you have the link vw?

Karen said...

See at least Roger is consistent both in victory and defeat. Hey Savannah, what is your take on Oudin's comment regarding "some people" not playing for country. Sandra Harwitt over at ESPN has a take on it talking about point to Oudin. I guess Serena with the kinesio tape, heavy strapping on her thighs, ankles and wrists should have marched over to Italy because America is her country. I guess everyone forgot how she was tarred and feathered for her USO outburst. How soon we forget. Makes you wonder now about Oudin's attempt at trying to understand Serena's USO outburst.

vw said...

Oudin is just pissed off because with V or Serena there she could have been part of a winning team.