Monday, November 9, 2009

Idle Chit Chat

by Savannah

I think this is the picture "vw" asked about.

More people seem to be upset about Yanina Wickmayer than Xavier Malisse who tearfully said his career may be over.

When you're watching a Final and the commentators say they don't understand why the player playing the better tennis is winning with no analysis whatsoever I'd say fanboyism in the broadcast booth has reached it's height. Shame on you Koenig and company.

I kind of like that the Paris Masters ends on the 15th and WTF starts on the 23d.


vw said...

That's the photo, thanks. It's strange how the whole crowd was really dressed up for the match. Maybe Djok didn't have a jacket to wear or he was just being contrary. The trophy presenters and bigwigs of Basel looked like it was a funeral. I thought Djok's non-celebration was appropriate at Roger Federer Arena. Yes, Koenig & Co. are real fanboys.

Karen said...

Koenig and company are fan boys. They are fans of everyone who is No. 1 at the time. I recall during a recent match where Nadal and Davydenko were playing (think it was either Beijing or Tokyo) where they were waxing poetic over Nadal's forehand (it was a bit off at the time but still). I used to think that commentators had their favourites but after listening to the ATP guys for nigh on almost 2 years I have to say that I just find them to be very fickle. They are critical of most players and praise but only a few. About the only player that I have heard them really say positive things about all the time is Murray. They have dissected his game and tried to impart to viewers why it causes people like Federer so much problems etc. I like the fact that they know tennis and that they seemed to have been former players which makes their analysis much better than the talking heads on tv. For the record I really do not have much problems with their commentary at all.

Savannah said...

The talking heads mentioned that the fans in Basel dress up for tennis like no where else. Interesting isn't it? Maybe the Monogram is just being true to his roots with his get-ups?

Karen I agree with your analysis of Koenig and Co. They were a little off their game this weekend during the Fed/Djoke match where they kept wondering why Fed was having problems with Djoke but they consistently rave about Murray as the second coming.

Karen said...

Savannah, I was wondering why everyone was in suits and stuff for a tennis match but I guess the Swiss are just very formal. LOL. I tell you something I have been trying for nigh on the whole year trying to figure out what it is about Murray's game that has everyone waxing poetic. It just leaves me cold. Is there something that I am missing something? Do I not know tennis? I know I am just a regular league player, but I find absolutely nothing fantastic about his game. He seems like he does a lot of slicing etc., and tries his hardest to not lose matches, rather than try and win them. He is not forceful and it seems like he makes a lot of effort to get the rallies to neutral rather than either forcing his opponent into an error or being aggressive and taking the initiative in a rally. Am I missing something? If anyone else here who plays the game can tell me what it is about his game that is so awesome, please let me know.

vw said...

I don't know what it is about Murray, maybe the big PR money being spent, Beckham influence in getting him into Adidas family for big bucks. Gimelslob even said Murray will be the next new number one. McEnroe, Gilbert, all other talking heads, Agassi are on the Murray bandwagon. Tignor even has Murray in the semis of Paris beating Fed. Can't wait for the hype in London (sarcasm). Then AO.

Murray and Woz are the "it" players now.