Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sometimes The Truth Hurts

by Savannah

Literally a few minutes ago tennis writer Ben Rothenberg posted a statement made by the Tournament Director (TD) of the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells, California.

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Fans of women's tennis were immediately up in arms but let's look at what he is saying using some hard facts about the WTA's organization.

The WTA has done nothing to promote women's tennis. It has promoted certain individuals but never women's tennis. Compare their work to that of the ATP when it comes to up and coming players just within the last month. We've seen a big promotion for their young men and not just some of them, all of them. What's the wTA been doing? Speaking out in defense of a woman who admittedly has been doping for ten years. When have you seen them speak out in defense of their top player? When have you seen the WTA promote anyone who wasn't blonde? Your top ten outside of Serena Williams and a suspended player is unknown to the majority of sports fans.

Now reread Raymond Moore's comments in that light. I've been saying the same thing about the WTA for as long as I've been writing this blog.

Let's see if and how the WTA responds.

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