Monday, December 14, 2015

Serena Williams: Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year

by Savannah

Yu Tsai for Sports Illustrated via AP photo edb58a62-eb8f-4ac5-9d82-1c64143f278c_zps6euibbs5.jpg
Yu Tsai for SI via AP

First tennis player since Arthur Ashe won in 1992.

First solo female athlete since Mary Decker in 1983.

There are human beings Tweeting that a horse should've won the award and directing tweets to said horse.

There are tennis fans who feel another tennis player should've won it.

I'm sure there's weeping and gnashing of teeth in one tennis players camp.

And you know what? Suck it bitches.

Congratulations to Serena Jameka Williams for all she has accomplished not only this year (2015) but in her career. It's about time she got the recognition for all the blood, sweat and tears.


Karen said...

Suck it bitches indeed. What a year this has been for Serena and women's tennis. You know what is funny, this award comes on the heels of the debacle in Los Angeles this weekend when not even the weather seemed to buy into this whole Friends nonsense. It was an embarassment but thank goodness for Serena, saving women's tennis once again. The silence from her colleagues to this award is deafening. Where are all the tweets congratulating her on this achievement from her fellow players. Clearly she is not held in high esteem as Pennetta was, but we don't care. She won bitches!!!!!

Savannah said...

I just saw Navratilova tweeted congratulations. I'm waiting for Max "The Egg" Eisenbud to tweet something defamatory and insulting. It's coming. I think the LA Times "poll" threw him off his game.

Savannah said...

Our First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama, sent Serena her congratulations. So did Chrissie and Pammie.

abe simpson said...

Savannah, I love your writing style and take on all things tennis.

However, I wish you wrote a longer piece on this article. Nevertheless, keep up the good work and I look forward to your blog posts in 2016.

Savannah said...

Thank you Abe and welcome!

I'm really sick and tired of the hate directed toward Serena and that is why this piece is so short. I usually don't come right out and say "suck it" but that sums up my feelings towards the haters who have been actively going at her since the days of the old ESPN tennis board.

Make yourself at home here and comment when you want to! :)

Matt said...

"Suck it bitches" - couldn't have said it better myself. Serena has been a trailblazer & has endured endless adversity over the past 6 years alone (personal health, injuries, the heightened pressure nearing the end of one's career), let alone her WHOLE career which unfortunately delve into another whole world of issues (racism just to scrape the tip of the iceberg).

Congratulations Serena. You earned this as the whole world was watching your every grand slam match after you won Roland Garros (I'd even say after you won the AO in January).

Here's to a healthy 2016 & you giving your personal best on the court as you always have. x