Saturday, May 11, 2013

THIS is the WTA's Response?!

by Savannah updated it's report on "FluffyBalls-gate"

Update: In a statement to, the WTA Tour acknowledged that Media Garrigues could have been issued a code violation. “Had the umpire witnessed the scuffing of the balls, the umpire would have instructed the player to stop,” the WTA said. “If the player did not stop, it could have led to a code violation.”

So let me get this straight.

Kerrilyn Cramer, a Gold Badge Chair, who has been reported as being the chair umpire during the quarterfinal match between Anabel Medina Garrigues and Serena Williams, had no idea that Ms Medina Garrigues sat in her chair during a changeover and in front of cameras defaced new tennis balls not once, but twice during a match.

I'm aware that chair umpires have a lot to do during a changeover but really?

And what about Medina-Garrigues post match presser?

The following quotes are from the same article:

“The match went pretty well until 3-3 when they changed the balls,” Medina Garrigues told reporters in Madrid, according to “Afterwards in the 5-all [in the third set] I was serving with new balls, which I hated. It’s an error. For her the ball moves faster; you have less control.”

The woman is admitting that she did something and that her tactics to deface the balls were justified because after all she was playing Serena Williams. Really?

There is no doubt in my mind that Ms Cramer would've seen Serena defacing balls and the entire tennis world would be demanding something be done. Instead it's been left to fan boards and bloggers to keep the story going.

There's been no public mention of any repercussions to either Medina Garrigues or Ms Cramer. And the top tennis journalists haven't said squat.

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