Thursday, March 7, 2013

BNP Paribas Showdown Tennis - The Women

by Savannah

I took a lot of pictures the other night - more than I thought I did. Since I'm an idiot and it took me awhile to figure out how to put my signature on said pictures I'm just getting to post them today.

Since I also have a thing about sequence I'm going to start with the entrance of both women and the boyfriend of one. Stefan Gordy did come into the arena before Victoria Azarenka so his pictures come before her entry. They're not the best but I hope you get an idea of how things were, starting with a shot of the crowd.

 photo 19106c83-fc78-4029-8a4f-77130730ed91_zps53ad93c4.jpg

 photo f3d5384b-6d5d-46f8-8cc5-a448805ad34e_zpsdd89f2f8.jpg

 photo 97dbda38-38c1-4b25-b1df-06e7f91c1737_zps1548dd61.jpg

 photo 0954c078-d07c-4bec-9479-111327b9fbdf_zps22e8fa15.jpg

 photo 66c80536-538e-4cee-a75a-b6bb5af095e8_zpse6e2f639.jpg

 photo 1eb37ef7-3413-47bc-b230-a0ad5bfadf8b_zps223abe5f.jpg

 photo 14a2ef36-09ec-4e9d-b6cd-37f257b90c09_zps1affb384.jpg

 photo 0d5981be-44e9-44b0-919f-9400eae1d2c2_zpsf38d6198.jpg

 photo 673a9759-adb6-40a6-9d81-c35ae2b7bd8b_zps2def4493.jpg

 photo 3c569efd-eafd-4b4e-9ae9-11d7b5a47033_zpse951c505.jpg

 photo c920fab6-d369-4e9e-972b-d2ca232cbde5_zps455a6e61.jpg

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