Thursday, January 24, 2013

Well I Never!!!

by Savannah

Victoria-Azarenka---Australian-Open-2013--22-560x801_zpse0e8ce6a photo Victoria-Azarenka---Australian-Open-2013--22-560x801_zpse0e8ce6a-1_zpsd506931e.jpg
That is all I can say. I mean lets get real here. The reason I don't care for Novak Djokovic is because in my opinion he would pretend to have an injury just to throw people off their game. The tennis press was full of his respiratory issues or his physical condition. Never once was it said he was faking. Still he got the nickname "Fakervic" from tennis fans. Some will say he stopped pulling that stuff but just last year at the US Open when Andy Murray was serving for the match he called a medical time out. New York fans booed, Murray held his nerve and his serve, and won the title. Never once has Djokovic ever said he was faking any of his medical issues.

In fact the last thing you would expect a tennis player, hell any athlete, to do is admit to faking injury, admit to gamesmanship. Well it's a little after 2a Eastern time in New York and a short while ago Victoria Azarenka stood before thousands in Rod Laver Arena and millions world wide and admitted she'd pulled a fast one.

The on court person interviewing Ms Azarenka asked her about the ten minute break she took on Sloane Stephens serve and Azarenka gave an answer that would make Olivia Pope down a few.

"I almost made the choke of the year," she responded. "I was overwhelmed." I think the interviewer was shocked into silence. It's easy to say what she should have asked as a follow up but it's my impression that she was too shocked to ask anything. In fact the follow up question would have had to be along the lines of "Victoria are you saying you took a break because you had just blown five match points and you were stressing out?" I think the woman wants/needs herjob and understood what asking that question to the woman ranked #1 in the world would have meant for women's tennis which is making a bit of a comeback. Azarenka babbled some more inanities and the interview was over. When she got to the ESPN interviewer she realized what she'd said and told him that she really couldn't breathe. Mind you ESPN aannounced that she was being treated for both a rib and a knee injury and that was why she was gone for ten minutes.

I haven't read anything from the presser yet but I'm sure Stacey Allaster is sitting at the bar mentioned above doing tequila shots. Azarenka has been on a bit of a charm offensive of late and even I was starting to cut her some slack. But character will tell and all of the work her PR team has done went out of the window tonight. Oh did I mention she came back after the ten minute break and broke Sloane to take the second set 6-4?

Just an aside. Sloane needs to learn that the best thing to do when your opponent is taking a MTO is to keep moving. Practice some serves. Do some stretches. Don't sit and wait for her to be ready to resume play. I'm sure her coaches will talk to her about that.

But the main story is still Azarenka. What she did was low, and she didn't fool anyone in RLA or viewers around the world. We all called bullshit. There was virtually no applause for her. It was a shameful display and I wonder if she'll ever recover from it.

li-na_zps8a923468 photo li-na_zps8a923468-1_zps8ce8bd4e.jpg

I feel like Joan Rivers doing a "Bitch Stole My Look" segment on E!'s "Fashion Police". Repeat it with me. "A soft draw does not a champion make". Got that?
Maria Sharapova, once again "hidden" in the draw, faced Li Na in the first women's semi final match. The hype was such that ESPN's non biased commentators were upbeat and thought that Ms Li would do her usual schtick and lose the plot and then the match. When the dust settled Li Na defeated Maria Sharapova in straight sets 6-2, 6-2. And the match wasn't that close. I thought the comms were going to have a collective nervous breakdown. I am not a fan of Carlos Rodriguez but the Li Na who played this Australian Open was not the same woman who played a year ago. She is more fit physically and much more stable mentally. She played well the entire tournament but of course the talk was Pova vs Serena Williams and revenge for what happened at the Olympics. I'll say it again. A soft draw does not a champion make. At the end of the match the crowd was roaring it's support for Li Na. I'm guessing they'll be doing the same thing during the Final.

Haters To The Left

media_26815867_zps7d02cc1a photo media_26815867_zps7d02cc1a-1_zpsb17886f6.jpg
You're looking at a picture Serena Williams tweeted at some point this evening. The only word accompanying it was "Ouch".
In case you don't see what it is that is a picture of Serena's ankle, the one she twisted her first day on court. She played up to the Quarterfinals on that ankle. When you look at that picture, and then realize that she hurt her back on top of that injury and still tried to play and almost won, what Azarenka did this evening was doubly insulting. Get well soon Serena. And don't come back until you're physically ready.


TennisAce said...

The tennis press have been all over Azarenka. They are basically killing this poor young woman for basically taking an MTO, forgetting that she breadsticked the so-called future of US tennis and had made her look amateurish in the second set.

Vika did not need to pull a fake MTO to win that match. It is unfortunate that she took an MTO but frankly speaking Vika had no reason to lose so many MPs on poor play and credit her for getting her game back in the game and doing what she needed to do.

History will say that Vika pulled a fast one. I am not so sure about that. She hurt her knee in the beginning of the second set. She was perhaps overcome by the fact that she was making her third GS final. Who knows what was going through her mind. I am giving her a pass on this one.

As for the Sharapova/Li match. When everyone else was talking about how dominating Pova was, I noted on more than one occassion that if her opponents had a serve to begin with she would have lost from the 4th round. She has struggled to hold in a lot of her service games. The time she takes between serves is telling as to her mentality. She has to calm herself before every serve. That is not a sign of someone playing with confidence.

If Venus was the player that she once was, we would be singing a different song. Sharapova is the #2 ranked player in the world and by all accounts she is a fierce competitor, but when everything that Hogstedt told her to do was not working, she had no clue what next to do.

It will be interesting to see how she fares in the upcoming hard court tournaments. She has not won a hard court tournament since beating JJ in Cincy in about 2011 & if Vika wins the AO, you can bet ur money that that trend will continue

Fred66 said...

Well, as Maya Angelou once said: When people show you who they are, believe them. I hope everyone who was buying into that whole Azarenka charm offensive realizes that.