Sunday, October 28, 2012

WTA Player of the Year

by Savannah


I love this picture. Oh sure there's another picture that will probably be used by bloggers and journals around the world but this says it all. With the help of her team Serena Williams has accomplished the following in 2012: Wimbledon Champion in both singles and doubles. Olympic Champion in both singles and doubles. US Open Champion. I should mention that Serena defeated Victoria Azarenka in the US Open Final. And didn't Maria Sharapova manage to win only 1 game against Serena in the above mentioned Olympic Final?

While today wasn't a 6-0, 6-1 blow out Serena dominated the YEC Final from beginning to end without facing a break point. She finished the tournament without dropping a set.

It would me easy for Serena to pose with the trophy and leave it to fans to speculate about the why of her year but she chose to give credit where credit is due and pose with her team, even her little dog, to show everyone how she did it.

There are some who are arguing that the Year End number one should be player of the year. They'd all better put the pipe down and step back from the mic. There can be only one Player of the Year this year and her name is Serena Williams.

While the women were playing in Istanbul the men were playing in Basel and Valencia. I didn't watch either of these events.
From the "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words" files this is all you, and I, need to know about it.


I think that just about says it all don't you? The picture is from L'Equipe.

David Ferrer has a lock on his hometown tournament. He won his third title there Sunday.

Congratulations to David and Juan Martin.

End Note

Juan Carlos Ferrero said goodbye to tennis at the Valencia ATP Tournament. Juanqui was never the same after he came down with adult chicken pox. By the time he came back the game had passed him by. There were flashes of his old brilliance but he couldn't adjust.

Don't cry for Juanqui though. Maria Sharapova credits him with giving her the confidence to win the French Open this year. I think he will find life after the Main Tour.

Still he will be missed.

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